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Megan Geiger

MEGAN GEIGERIntroduction
Being a personal trainer in health and fitness is a profession that requires a lot of passion and commitment toward the clients of whom I am training and educating. As a personal trainer I strongly believe that my role is to be an advocate to all of my clients by building a foundation of trust with them. For my clients, I will strive to provide them with the opportunities to reach all of their goals of maintaining and/or improving their health both physically and mentally. Through passion and dedication, I strive to serve my clients as an educator, motivator, and mentor. My role is to assist in increasing the quality of life of my clients through exercise, and to perform my role while creating a suitable, comfortable environment from each client individually.

Education and Background
Purdue University- BS in Health and Kinesiology, Major- Health and Fitness, Minors- Sociology and Organizational Leadership Studies
Participated in Purdue Cheerleading (2008-2012)

ACSM-Personal Training
CPR, First Aid, and AED

Weight Loss, Circuit Training, Functional Training, Strength Training, Cheer/Gymnastics

Specialist Trainer

Location: Lincoln Park


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