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LES MILLS™ Classes in chicago


Our fitness experts are trained and ready to help members access the undeniable benefits of Les Mills classes in Chicago and Evanston. Check out one of our group fitness schedules today to find your perfect fitting Les Mills class. With seven gyms throughout Chicago, there's always one near to you. 




LES MILLS strength training workouts are carefully crafted to tone and strengthen muscles to help you reach your fitness goals.


You can get your heart pumping & your body moving with motivating, uplifting, calorie-burning cardio workouts from LES MILLS. 


Take full advantage of your time in the gym with LES MILLS total body workout classes—offering head-to-toe fitness conditioning.

Chicago LES MILLS Strength Training


Find your strength with LES MILLS classes designed to build your core, arms, legs, and more. The Chicago Athletic Clubs strength training classes from LES MILLS include:
  • GRIT STRENGTH: GRIT workouts are the LES MILLS take on high-intensity interval training. GRIT STRENGTH is specially designed for HIIT-style toning and strengthening.
  • BODYPUMP (Standard and Express): This full-body weight training workout is designed to strengthen your muscles from head to toe. LES MILLS BODYPUMP is available in both standard and express sessions to meet your workout needs.
  • LES MILLS CORE: Tone and strengthen your core with this ab-defining workout class.

LES MILLS Cardio Classes in Chicago 



Our gyms across Chicago and Evanston help members burn calories, improve heart health, lose weight, and reach their wellness goals with LES MILLS cardio classes, including:
  • BODYJAM: Cardio workouts have never been more fun! BODYJAM mixes an uplifting combination of cardio dance moves, energizing music, and fitness training that you can actually enjoy.
  • GRIT CARDIO: GRIT classes offer the LES MILLS spin on HIIT training. GRIT CARDIO tailors these workouts in a way that will get your heart pumping.
  • SPRINT: If you are looking for an effective, low-impact cycling workout, SPRINT from LES MILLS is here for you. This spin class offers high-intensity intervals designed to burn calories and improve your endurance.

LES MILLS Total Body Workouts in chicago


Make the most of every minute you spend in the gym with total-body training classes from LES MILLS. Our Chicago and Evanston classes include:

  • BODYATTACK: This high-energy fitness workout combines cardio with full-body workout movements.
  • BODYCOMBAT (Standard and Express): Combine the benefits of boxing and kickboxing workouts with this martial arts-inspired fitness class. BODYCOMBAT is available in both standard and express sessions to meet your workout needs.
  • BODYBALANCE: Wind down, stretch, find your center, and improve your flexibility while challenging your muscles from head to toe. BODYBALANCE is the LES MILLS take on yoga workouts.


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