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Cross-training as a triathlete is a vigorous way to build endurance and strengthen all the muscle groups in your body. Swimming helps sculpt the upper body, cycling helps tone the lower body, and running helps develop lean muscles.

CAC’s Triathlon Club is for triathletes of all levels, provides a variety of group-specific training programs, and meets up to three days a week. In addition, the CAC Triathlon Club holds informational clinics, social events and group travel options for various races. As you train with our experienced and certified coaches, you will enhance your performance and build lasting relationships with group members.



$99/month: Online Training Program
6 practices (3/4 coached sessions in pre-/main season)
Training peaks online training program (2 bike, 2 run, and 2 swim practices per week)

  • 4 team training practices per week
  • Monthly clinics
  • Monthly team social events
  • Email newsletter every other week

2017 Team Training Practice Schedule

Indoor Schedule (March-April) (new schedule)

  • Thursday, @ WAC Swimming 7:00-8:00 PM
  • Saturday, @ LPAC Swimming 8:00-9:00 AM
  • Sunday @ LSAC Spinning 8:00-9:10 AM

Outdoor Schedule (May-August)

  • Thursday, @ WAC Swimming 7:00-8:00 PM
  • Saturday, @ LPAC Running 8:00-9:00 AM
  • Sunday @ LSAC Swimming 8:00-9:00 AM
  • Sunday @ LSAC Bike*/Spinning 9:20-10:30AM

*Bike practices will start when weather permits.*


$49/month: Online Training Program Only
Training peaks online training program (2 bike, 2 run, and 2 swim practices per week)

  • 1h initial consultation-assessment session
  • Monthly clinics
  • Monthly team social events
  • Email newsletter every other week


Contact Alex Card at for further information.


CAC Indoor Triathlon Guidelines

CAC Tri Club - Indoor Triathlon - February 19th, 2017

  • Location: WAC 
  • Start Time: 7:00 AM
  • Cost (members/non-members): Sign-up in January: $20/25    February: $30/35 
  • On attendance of the event receive a CAC Waterbottle
  • Prizes!: Male and Female winners get 1-month of Tri club free. Raffle for 3 30 min PT sessions
  • email Alex with questions:
  • 72 hour cancellation - also email Alex

Register online here.

Triathlon Club Registration

Triathlon Club is in-season from March to August each year. Contact Alex Card at for more information and a chance to try a complimentary workout!

*REFERRALS: Get $30 off your next monthly dues and *75 Perkville Points*

Rebecca Scott
2015 CAC Triathlete
“I absolutely loved my experience with the CAC Tri Club last year. Not only did I complete the Transamerica Chicago Triathlon under my goal time, but I also met a group of amazing people that I hope to continue to be friends with for a long time”

Julie Feldman
2015 CAC Triathlete
“My experience as a member of the 2015 CAC triathlon club was incredible! Supportive coaches, challenging workouts, and relationships with my fellow athletes provided me an outstanding support system for my first ever triathlon! With the structure and knowledge provided by the coaches, I went from being too terrified of open water swimming and not even owning a bike to becoming a strong and prepared triathlete! Training with the Tri Club is the best way to get involved in the triathlon community, reach your goals, and have fun this summer!”

Mark Ahern
2015 CAC Triathlete
"Swimming used to give me anxiety. Never in my life did I think I'd find myself in a real swim practice...and like it!”
"The variety of run workouts and combination of swim and bike fitness brought my endurance to a level I never thought I'd see after college athletics."

Michael Pezzuto
2015 CAC Triathlete
“Eunate will make you a better swimmer, no question about it”
“Tri-club training not only gave me the courage to complete triathlons, but it was also one of the reasons I was able to shave 20 minutes off of my marathon time and qualify for Boston.”
“The comradery gained through Tri-club gives you the ability to test your limits and push yourself harder than you’d ever imagine.”

Triathlon Coaches

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