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Why Train With Our Chicago Triathlon Club?

The CAC Triathlon Club is a unique community of multi-sport athletes looking to train with and hang out with other members who have the same passion for swimming, biking, and running (and socializing). Our Chicago Triathletes train hard and play hard. We hang out often outside of the club through various group events organized during the week and on the weekends. This includes team-organized runs/rides, coach-organized informational clinics, team social activities, volunteering, and cheering each other on at races. 

Chicago Triathlon Club Details

Our professionally-structured triathlon training program in Chicago provides you with the highest level of coaching in the city. Our experienced coaches and fitness professionals will help you improve speed and endurance in all disciplines of the triathlon: swimming, running, biking, transitions and fueling. They are proficient in all distances, from sprint to IRONMAN. Get the expert insight, group support, and program accountability you need to excel as a triathlete. The club offers members up to:

  • Three group coached sessions per week (included when you sign up for the Tri Club Training Team)
  • Customized, targeted training programs (included for both Tri Club Training Team members and Social + Online training)
  • Special offers on race gear
  • Race registration offers, deals, and discounts
  • Discounts toward other CAC services
  • A supportive and welcoming training community

Be a part of this community of Chicago runners, swimmers, and cyclers. Here, you will train to reach your goals and become a stronger version of yourself. Our Triathlon Club is open to both Chicago Athletic Clubs members and non-members; however, CAC members receive a discount on the monthly membership fee. View the full details about our Chicago triathlon club below. Contact your nearest Chicago Athletic Clubs location to learn how you can join the CAC Triathlon Club TODAY!

Congratulations to our 2019 early season CAC Triathletes!  Read all about their success here!


Social Only Annual Membership
$100 per year for new members | $50 per year for returning members

This membership is a great option for members and non-members alike who enjoy the social aspect of the Triathlon Club but are not interested in training for individual races or events.  This membership does not include any training sessions. 

This membership includes:
Invites to all social and volunteer gatherings (TBD)
+ Optional weekend group swims, rides, runs (TBD) 
Official CAC Triathlon Club T-shirt or Hat
+ Discounts towards: race entries, gear and apparel from Club partners, and other CAC services

Social + Online Programming Membership
 $50 annual membership + $50/month 

This membership is a great option for members and non-members alike who enjoy the social aspect of the Triathlon Club and want to follow our online training program for all race distances, sprint - IRONMAN.

This membership includes:
+ All benefits of the Social only membership, plus
+ Access to the CAC Triathlon Club Training Team online weekly training program (All race distances, sprint - IRONMAN)

Monthly Training Membership


limited to 20 members

This membership is a great option for members and non-members alike who enjoy training in-person with a group of like minded individuals for all race distances, sprint - IRONMAN.

This membership includes:
+ All benefits of the Social + online programming, plus
+ 3 weekly group practices (2 in-person, 1 virtual)
+ Hands-on coaching 
+ Monthly 1-on-1's 

*The CAC Triathlon Club is happy to welcome athletes-in-training who are not currently CAC members to join and come train with the group. However, non-CAC members will only have access to club facilities during their scheduled Triathlon Club training days and times.  If you are interested in joining CAC, please schedule a visit with a Membership Advisor at your local club facility. 

Customized Personal Tri-Club Training
Available upon request

For anyone interested in trying out the Triathlon Club for a single session, or for any personal, 1-on-1 training, or to have a Customized Training Program, please contact Brian McClelland at for more information.




The purpose of this program is to help swimmers who are new to triathlon or who are interested in doing a triathlon in the future develop the skills and endurance necessary to be successful in the sport. This program is for novice to intermediate level swimmers and is designed to help increase overall endurance, improve form and efficiency, introduce and additional swim strokes, and help develop new skills that more translate to open water swimming.

10 Weeks

Wednesdays, October 6th through December 8th, 6:00am - 7:00am

LSAC Pool Facility

Cost $150

Coach: Brian McClelland, CPT

CAC Triathlon Club Head Coach

USA Triathlon Certified Level I Coach

US Masters Swim Certified Level II Coach


Learn good form running for perfect running form, to address running gait errors and imbalances, to improve overall running economy through running drills and form and breathing focus, to obtain a current lactate threshold and determine and apply zones for heart rate training, to learn the differences between V02 Max and Lactate threshold training and experience the benefits of speed training in overall conditioning, nutrition and hydration focus for longer endurance runs, running safety on winter trails and what to wear (cold, colder, coldest gear), tips for the treadmill/indoor training days and how to get the most from the 'mill, how to keep form on brick workouts. In summary: to roll into triathlon training season a strong, confident, injury-free runner, ready to crush their goals and achieve their dreams!

10 Weeks

Cost $150

Fridays LSAC 6:00am - 7:00am (meeting will take place in the fitness studio and runners will travel to local running destinations such as River Park Track, Welles Park, and the North Branch Trail.)

Coach: Kelly Dues

CAC Triathlon Club Coach

IRONMAN U Certified Coach

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Anil Vaitla
2019 CAC Tri Club Member, First-Time Triathlete
"Great for first timers and beginners. There are folks at all levels in the club with different strengths and weaknesses, but still everything is personalized to your own pace which is great, but you get to work with fast swimmers, runners, and bikers to see how fast the pace can be pushed. Supportive community and coaches to motivate you to come out on slow days in the winter which is why it's a great sport to get into."

Lauren Bell
2019 CAC Tri Club Member, First-Time Triathlete
"I needed something different to shake-up my workout routine and I definitely got that and more! As a first-timer, I found that both members and coaches alike were super supportive and helpful in me learning and understanding the sport of triathlons. You will get in the best shape of your life, and it is fun to have a goal to work towards to keep you motivated and accountable. I really enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and will continue to cherish and nurture the friendships developed. There are lots of opportunities to socialize and volunteer. I also found love, a for sure added bonus. :) Honestly, the best year of my life! I highly recommend the CAC Tri-Club! Forewarning, you might just get bitten by the tri bug!!"

Rebecca Scott
2015 CAC Triathlete
“I absolutely loved my experience with the CAC Tri Club last year. Not only did I complete the Transamerica Chicago Triathlon under my goal time, but I also met a group of amazing people that I hope to continue to be friends with for a long time”

Julie Feldman
2015 CAC Triathlete
“My experience as a member of the 2015 CAC triathlon club was incredible! Supportive coaches, challenging workouts, and relationships with my fellow athletes provided me an outstanding support system for my first ever triathlon! With the structure and knowledge provided by the coaches, I went from being too terrified of open water swimming and not even owning a bike to becoming a strong and prepared triathlete! Training with the Tri Club is the best way to get involved in the triathlon community, reach your goals, and have fun this summer!”

David Lebovitz
2019 CAC Tri Club Member, First-Time Triathlete
"The coaches are awesome. They really made a huge impact on my training experience."

Brittany Hines
2019 CAC Tri Club Member, First-Time Triathlete, Top 3 Finisher
"Whether you're jumping into the world of triathlon for the first time or training for your 20th race, the CAC Triathlon Club is the way to go! With extensive training programming, workshops, social gatherings, and experienced coaches that care about every individual's success deeply, you will have everything you need to make your triathlon dreams come true. You don't want to miss out on joining a community like this one!"

Chrissy Gratz
2019 CAC Tri Club Member
"I had only done a few sprint triathlons on my own and was a newbie to the sport, so I was really nervous to join a tri club. I’m SO glad I found CAC Tri Club! It’s a welcoming place for all fitness levels, I was able to meet my season goals of getting a few Olympic Distance races under my belt, and now I’m signed up for my first half-Ironman! Plus, I met some really great new friends along the way."

Steve Brieloff
2019 CAC Tri Club Member, IRONMAN 70.3 FINISHER
"The CAC tri club has been an awesome experience. I have seen so much progress in all three disciplines, which has allowed me to push myself further than I previously thought possible."

Mark Ahern
2015 CAC Triathlete
"Swimming used to give me anxiety. Never in my life did I think I'd find myself in a real swim practice...and like it!”
"The variety of run workouts and combination of swim and bike fitness brought my endurance to a level I never thought I'd see after college athletics."

Michael Pezzuto
2015 CAC Triathlete
“Eunate will make you a better swimmer, no question about it”
“Tri-club training not only gave me the courage to complete triathlons, but it was also one of the reasons I was able to shave 20 minutes off of my marathon time and qualify for Boston.”
“The comradery gained through Tri-club gives you the ability to test your limits and push yourself harder than you’d ever imagine.”

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