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“In ten sessions you start to feel the difference, in twenty you start to see the difference and in thirty sessions you have a whole new body.” - Joseph Pilates

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.  Why Pilates?  Because it works. Our Evanston Pilates Studio—Studio EAC Pilates—has the classes, equipment, and professional guidance you need to see results. Studio EAC Pilates gives you the opportunity to explore and grow within this wellness outlet. Using state-of-the-art Pilates equipment like the Pilates Reformer, the Pilates Cadillac, and the Pilates Chair, you will find yourself bending, stretching, and strengthening yourself into a lean, mean Pilates machine.

Private Pilates in Evanston

Private Pilates is the premier way to reap all the benefits of this Studio EAC Pilates. Private Pilates is perfect for beginners, Pilates experts, and everyone in between. For those new to Pilates, private sessions offer a comfortable introduction to your practice. You can become familiar with the movements, strengthen your body, and address any individual challenges that may be standing between you and your Pilates success. For Pilates regulars, private sessions can help you refine your practice and extend beyond the limits of group environments. Our highly skilled Evanston Pilates instructors will guide you through individualized workouts on all the equipment tailored to your needs and goals.

Evanston Small-Group Pilates Classes

Small-Group Reformer classes offer the same wellness advantages of Private Pilates training with the benefit of added cost savings. In fact, our Pilates Studio offers the best value for Pilates Reformer Classes in the city of Evanston! We keep our Pilates group classes small to provide accessible pricing without compromising our exceptional instructor support. So grab a couple of friends, or make some new ones when you sign up for our Evanston small-group Pilates classes!

Studio EAC Offers, Deals, and Bundles

Current Specials

Our Evanston Pilates studio works to make Pilates accessible and affordable with our offers. View our current specials below or check back for new updates.

2 private sessions for $99 (for new clients only)

We are the premier Pilates studio of Evanston

We have everything you need for your Pilates journey

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  • Reformers
  • Core Align
  • Bohdi Suspension Trainer
  • Small Group Reformer classes
  • Private sessions
  • Semi-Private sessions



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Classes are back in the Studio with the following schedule



8:00 am Small Group Pilates Class


8:00 am Small Group Pilates Class


8:00 am Small Group Pilates Class

4:30 pm Small Group Pilates Class


9:00 am Small Group Pilates Class

10:00 am Small Group Pilates Class

12:00 pm Small Group Pilates Class

Private & Semi-Private Pricing

Private Pilates Pricing


½ Hour

50 minutes

1 session



8 session package

$320 ($40/session)

$624 ($78/session)

16 session package

$608 ($38/session)

$1216 ($76/session)

32 session package

$1152 ($36/session)

$2368 ($74/session)

64 session package

$2176 ($34/session)

$4544 ($71/session)


Semi-Private Pilates Pricing

 2 individuals

½ Hour

55 minutes

1 session



8 session package

$432 ($54/session)

$864 ($108/session)

16 session package

$832 ($52/session)

$1696 ($106/session)

32 session package

$1600 ($50/session)

$3328 ($104/session)

Small Group Pricing

Option 1 - Packages

Single Session


Package of 10

$300 ($30/class)


Parking: Metered Spaces

2hr limit - $1 per hour (Accepts credit card)

1800 Maple Self Park

24/7 365 days per year

Direction : Enter from Maple Ave at Clark Street or University Place

Sherman Plaza

(847) 491-6908

Direction : Enter from Davis Street or Benson Ave.

Hourly Rates for City Garages

First hour free/Sundays and Holidays are free

0-1 Hour: Free
1-2 Hrs: $2
2-3 Hrs: $3
3-4 Hrs: $4
4-5 Hrs: $5


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