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“In ten sessions you start to feel the difference, in twenty you start to see the difference and in thirty sessions you have a whole new body.” - Joseph Pilates

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.  Why Pilates?  Because it works.  Studio 1002 Pilates gives you the opportunity to take advantage of this amazing workout.  Using state of the art Pilates equipment like the Pilates Reformer, the Pilates Cadillac and the Pilates Chair, you will find yourself bending, stretching and strengthening yourself into a lean, mean Pilates machine.

Private Pilates is the premiere way to reap all the benefits of this program.  With our highly skilled Pilates Instructors, you will be guided through individualized workouts on all the equipment tailored to your needs and goals.

Small Group Reformer classes have the advantages of Private Pilates training with the benefit of amazing value.  In fact, our Pilates Studios offer the best value for Pilates Reformer Classes in the city of Chicago!  So grab a couple friends, or make some new ones when you sign up!


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2 private sessions for $99 (for new clients only)

We are the premier Pilates studio of Chicago

We have everything you need for your Pilates journey

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  • Reformers
  • Core Align
  • Bohdi Suspension Trainer
  • Small Group Reformer classes
  • Private sessions
  • Semi-Private sessions



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Class Descriptions

What to expect from our classes

Reformer Class: Move. Stretch. Align. This class offers the traditional Pilates Reformer workout we all know and love. Your instructor will guide you through a great workout using both the Reformer and Tower. Pace: moderate

Pilates for Back Care:  This specialty class is designed to improve posture and alignment while reducing tension and pain. This class will focus on strengthening the abdominals and deep core to improve range of motion and overall back health. Pace is slow to moderate with a focus on stability and control

Jump board Interval:  Get your heart rate up without stressing the joints, all the while challenging core strength and coordination. This class will focus on core endurance with intermittent Jump board work utilizing the Pilates Jump board and Reformer. Pace: moderate to fast-paced with a focus on cardio endurance and core strength. 

EXO Chair / MOTR: Kick your Pilates practice up a notch with this exciting new interval class.  This class will test your coordination and balance as we move from MOTR to EXO Chair. Pace: moderate to fast with a focus on endurance, and dynamic stability.   Recommended for the more experienced Pilates student.  If you struggle with balance or having any issues with your feet studio shoes are recommended.

Mixed Equipment: Mix it up and have some fun! Your instructor will program a great Pilates workout utilizing different pieces of equipment. We offer everything from Bodhi, MOTR, EXO Chair, Reformer, Tower, Orbits and Weights.  This class is great for building tone, strength and endurance. Pace: moderate to fast.

Studio 1002 Pricing

Private Pilates Pricing


½ Hour

1 Hour

1 session



8 session package

$352 ($44/session)

$704 ($88/session)

16 session package

$672 ($42/ session)

$1376 ($86/session)

32 session package

$1280 ($40/ session)

$2688 ($84/session)

64 session package

$2432 ($38/ session)

$5184 ($81/session)


Semi-Private Pilates Pricing


½ Hour

1 Hour

1 session



8 session package

$464 ($58/session)

$904 ($113/session)

16 session package

$896 ( $56/ session)

$1776 ($111/session)

32 session package

$1728 ( $54/ session)

$3488 ($109/session)


Small Group Pricing

Option 1 - Packages

Single Session


Package of 8

$200 ($25/class)

Package of 20

$460 ($23/class)


Option 2 - Contracts

4 classes/ month

$92 ($23/class)

8 classes/month

$174 ($21.75/class)

12 classes/month

$246 ($20.50/class)

Parking: George Church 2701 N. Sheffield.

In the event that the main lot is full, members will also have access to the parking lot at St. George Church

Church Lot Fees

Up to 3 Hours Complimentary!

3+hours Subject to Towing

Valet Service

Valet lot is located accross the street adjacent to LPAC club.

Up to 2 Hours Complimentary!


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