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Katie Duffy

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Katie first became interested in fitness because of her background in dance.  She graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, with a BFA in Dance and a minor in entertainment management. She has performed and taught class both nationally and internationally in areas such as California, Colorado, Seoul, Korea, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, and Mexico. She has experience teaching dance and fitness to both children and adults and she currently performs with BISI Chicago Dance Company. The classes and feedback from participants motivate Katie to become more involved in the fitness industry every day. Her clients, class members, and Chicago Athletic Clubs are my WHY! Katie loves working with people of all ages, personalities, and abilities.  Whether you are an athlete or just want to feel better about your body, she is here to assist you in becoming a healthier and happier person.  Not only is it rewarding to help you achieve your goals, it’s an inspiration, which puts meaning behind her WHY!  Being able to experience growth and well-being in an individual is beneficial for everyone.  Her creativity is driven through others passion, motivation and goals.  Katie wants to continue her education and growth for both her clients and herself, which adds more to her WHY!  Making time for yourself to keep your body healthy gives us all happy hearts.  Throughout Katie’s fitness career, she looks forward to the journeys she will pursue with each individual relationship she makes.  

Specialist Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor


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