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GROUP FITNESS IS BACK AT CAC. The past year of having to stop and restart classes means that we will be continuing to re-build our schedule with you in mind. 

Looking for classes? We’ve got your back. And butt. And thighs. And arms.
And… they’re all free with your membership!
Registration required.  Book your spot through the new mobile app up to 24 hours in advance!

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For when you need a little punch in your workout!  Boxing classes and Kickboxing classes provide full body workouts with high impact that help to relieve stress and tone muscle.  Burn calories  and leave class feeling powerful and punchy!



Fun and motivating ways to keep your body moving.  Cardio classes give you a structured workout that will get your heart pumping, burning calories for weight loss and building cardiovascular endurance that is essential for your overall health.  With so many varieties of cardio classes, you are sure to never have a boring workout again!



Get into the rhythm and feel the music!  Dance classes are an excellent form of fitness, integrating cardio, balance, flexibility and fun.  Dance requires strength and stability, while moving to the music can really boost your spirits.  Sweat with style and shake those hips!


Pilates Mat

It's all about the core.  Pilates Mat classes are a great way to learn the basics of alignment, while toning muscles and building strength through specific, targeted movements and exercises.



A total body workout with maximum benefits. Ride your way to total fitness with these high-energy, music driven classes that will make you work hard, sweat lots and leave wanting more!



Get powerful.  Don't limit yourself to free weights on the weight room floor.  These strength focused group fitness classes guide you with proper technique while challenging you to push past your limits.


Yoga and Mind/Body

Get connected.  We've got everything you are looking for in a yoga studio.  Our classes cover a range of styles, including yoga sculpt, vinyasa flow, meditation, flexibility, plus so much more!  Whether you are looking for a fitness focused class, or a way to unwind and relax, we've got you covered.