Erica Rapoport

A healthy body is a balanced body. I first started practicing Pilates in 2001 when I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and needed to find balance within my own body. After achieving considerable improvements in strength, alignment, and balance, I experienced first-hand the benefits Pilates has to offer. I quickly developed a passion for Pilates which led to my career as an instructor. 

We all develop patterns and postures that cause our bodies to deviate from a neutral alignment. When these imbalances are not addressed they can lead to discomfort, poor function, and eventually chronic pain. Exercising without first addressing our asymmetry is only strengthening an imbalance. To make a change, we need to first align our bodies and then build strength. Using my experience and understanding of anatomy and kinesiology, I assess my clients’ needs to create customized programs that help them achieve their goals. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work with professional athletes, individuals recovering from an injury, pre/postnatal mothers, and those just seeking a well-balanced workout. I take great joy in motivating my clients and helping them find balance to move and feel better.  I would love the opportunity to do the same with you

BA in Communications, Colorado State University
Teaching Pilates since 2012  

Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Academy Certification, Costa Mesa, CA
PMA Extended Education Certificates: Alignment & posture; Spinal conditions (i.e. stenosis, osteoperosis, disc herniation, scoliosis); Biomechanics of the rotator cuff; Pre/postnatal Pilates; CoreAlign

Increase strength and flexibility, Injury prevention and rehabilitation, Assessment and treatment of muscular imbalance, Posture and mind-body awareness
Pilates Instructor

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