Jerry Friedman

I get it! I have spent my life being in shape. Yes, I did marathons, 10k's 5 K's, just like you! I have lifted weights because I know how important it is for, well, everything! I am old enough to know how important fitness is, and no matter your age, I can relate, empathize and help you find that quality of life that you might have misplaced, or just lost. As a personal trainer, my approach is to listen to what you want to achieve, and then together, we will figure out your plan, and then work to achieve it. Our time together will be engaging, educational, challenging and fun, and I'll will know exactly what you’re going through and truly be with you on your journey.

B.A Communications, Northern Illinois University
Working and training with Millennial’s, Baby Boomers and Seniors

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
American Council on Senior Fitness Certification

General Health & Fitness; Strength Training; Cardio, Interval; Motivation


Expert Trainer

Location: Evanston

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