KORR Metabolic Testing

Getting you the essential information to make the most of your workout.


The KORR Cardio Coach for Metabolic Testing system is beneficial for a variety of people. Those looking to lose weight, triathletes, runners, swimmers, cyclists, sport competitors and those who are nutrition-minded or interested in periodic fitness assessments can find the testing beneficial to accomplish their goal.

The test includes a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) measurement, which measures the amount of daily calories you need to consume to achieve your fitness goal whether that is weight loss or greater athletic performance, and/ or a VO2 max test to measure your cardiovascular fitness.

The RMR test is conducted by sitting up in a comfortable, quiet environment for approximately 20 minutes, while the VO2 max test requires you to walk, run, or bike starting off with an easy intensity and progressing to a higher intensity to get appropriate results. You will receive a printed analysis of each test and receive cardio workouts based on your VO2 max test results to help you reach your goal.


  • RMR test: $100
  • VO2 test: $175
  • RMR and VO2 combo: $250

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RMR and VO2 testing is regularly available at any of the Chicago Athletic Clubs. Contact your club’s Personal Training Manager with the form below for more information or to schedule an appointment. Get started now!