Meredith Seeley

Meredith Seeley- trainerIntroduction
I love to move, and I spent twenty years “moving” as a professional dancer. Currently, I teach dance and Pilates, and spend time cultivating my own personal philosophies of movement, a process that is both organic and purposeful, and spans interests ranging from natural movement to dance to martial arts. Movement is the most important function in life: we must move not only to survive, but also to thrive. In the studio, I show my clients how to move more and how to move healthier by first helping them find and feel a true connection to their bodies. We then discover sub-optimal physical patterns, demonstrate how these patterns affect the entire body, and determine how the patterns can be resolved through corrective training and lifestyle adjustments. From the shoes we wear to the ways we sit and stand - life lessons that go far beyond the training hour - our bodies adapt to our habits one hundred percent of the time. I love sharing new knowledge and ideas with my clients and having a whole lot of fun in the process. How we feel, how we live, and how we help ourselves matters! Healthy movement yields great energy. And great energy generates positive results. Come join me!

Education, Experience, and Credentials
BA in Dance Performance from Saint Mary’s College of California (Complete 12/2016)
Associate II teaching certification from Cecchetti Council of America
Teaching Pilates since 2007
Teaching dance since 1997
Danced professionally for 20 years

Certification and Certificates
Pilates Method Alliance
Core Dynamics Pilates
MELT Hand and Foot Instructor
The Roll Model

Core strengthening and conditioning
Injury prevention
Posture and alignment
Flexibility and balance
Pre/post Natal

Pilates Instructor 
Location: Lincoln Park


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