Garrett Wiegel



 “Consistency is key” is a phrase I’ve heard a lot in the fitness world. It’s extremely potent and honest, but I believe it’s misunderstood all too often.  I started playing sports when I was very young. I played all the standards like soccer, baseball, basketball etc. I even wrestled for a semester in high school. But my passion for exercise didn’t really develop until I started boxing and weightlifting. I grew up with the Rocky series and even wanted to become a professional fighter at one point! I was fascinated with the wild workout montages Rocky would always have before a big fight.


All this interest and activity morphed into a desire to continue to be healthy and strong. My experience and strength continued to grow through college but, at that point, I still didn’t truly understand the phrase, “Consistency is Key” It wasn’t until we were in the thick of quarantine that I started to understand what it really meant. It’s not just about being consistent with your program or diet, it’s about changing your life. Always developing better habits, always making smarter choices, enjoying things you never thought you’d enjoy! At first it sounds intimidating, or even impossible, but that’s why I’m stepping into the fitness industry. We will work together to create a lifestyle that produces a healthier and happier you. 

BFA in Acting — Chicago College of Performing Arts


NASM Certified Personal Trainer - CPT, CPR-AED


Boxing/Kickboxing, General health, functional training, strength training, HIIT

Hometown: Springdale, Arkansas

Favorite Exercise: Back Squat

Location: Lakeview


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