Kate Strozak

KATE STROZAKIntroduction
Kate has been teaching within the Pilates industry for over 15 years to clients of a wide variety of ages, conditions, and goals. She is known for delivering thoughtful and creative sessions in a client focused manner utilizing a unique blend of Pilates, the Oov, Runity, and Myofascial Release. Her sessions emphasize restoring movement efficiency and improving everyday as well as athletic function. Delivering a positive movement experience with functional applications, Kate empowers her clients to prioritize and revel in their health and wellness.

Education, Experience & Credentials
The Ohio State University BA
Masters in Applied Neuroscience, King’s College in London expected completion 2020
Polestar Pilates Educator
Oov Education Educator
Runity Educator
Licensed Massage Therapist
John Barnes MFR
Franklin Method Instructor
Pilates for: Scoliosis, Prenatal/Postpartum, Neurological Conditions, Pain Management, Athletics, Dance, Breast Cancer Care

Fine tuning movement strategies
Optimizing movement efficiency
Returning to exercise after injury or after a break
Athletic performance

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