Caitlin Moroney


I want to help you fall in love with moving again! There is no right or wrong way to work out, but there is going to be something that clicks for you and is enjoyable and I want to help you find out what that is. Over the years, I have explored different kinds of exercise from team sports to weight lifting to circus performance. There are thousands of training styles out there, and as a personal trainer, I want to structure an exercise program tailored to you and your specific goals. We will work together to determine what keeps you motivated. When you walk away from a session, I want you to feel empowered, strong, and happy. 

Personally, I did not hit my stride until I sought out a personal trainer over 15 years ago. I know firsthand what it's like to have the motivation for change, but no idea where to start. That trainer made a huge impression on me in not only how to properly train, but also how to safely move and enjoy the process at the same time. I love helping people and this is how I choose to realize that. Joining a gym is a huge first step. I hope I can help you look forward to your regular workout and enjoy active living!

BA - University of Florida, MA - DePaul University

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, CPR-AED

General Fitness, Functional Training, Strength Training, Mobility Training

Location: Evanston

Hometown: Naples, Florida


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