Scott Reszke

SCOTT RESZKEIntroduction
Growing up I played every sport imaginable. Gym class was my favorite class in school. In 2012, I suffered a back injury that I never wanted to experience again. I started doing my own research and basic bodyweight exercises. As I started seeing positive results, I became more interested in the human body and exercise. I began my personal training journey in 2013 by enrolling in classes and getting my very first client. My goal as a personal trainer is to teach, educate and explore movement variations in accordance with strength training, pain management and weight loss. I want to challenge you but also have fun! To me, fitness is more than appearance; not only can it make you feel better but also feel better. I truly believe that with patience and persistence any realistic goal can be achieved while simultaneously increasing self-esteem, building confidence and creating a body you desire.
“Life is about change. Sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful, but most of the time it’s both.”

Education & Experience
Associate’s Degree in Advanced Health and Fitness

NASM, NASM Corrective Exercise, Advanced PTA Global

Strength Training, Pain Management, Flexibility/Mobility, Circuit Training, Weight loss

Specialist Trainer
Location: Evanston

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