Matthew Artarian

Artarian Headshot

The physical practice of yoga began intertwining itself into Matthew's life in 2012. A friend recommended a Power Vinyasa Yoga class which shifted the trajectory of his path, it was a feeling of rejuvenation mixed with a stronger sense of empathy and compassion towards himself and others. Since that first class Matthew had practiced for five years and in June of 2017 he earned his 200 hour teacher training certification through CorePower Yoga. Continuing his education, during the summer of 2021, Matthew completed a 500 hour Budokon Mixed Movement Arts Training in Montana. That following fall of 2021/spring of 2022, he received his 50 hour Budokon Yoga as well as his 50 hour Budokon Mobility certification.

Matthew has evolved his teaching style to predominately speak to the body, where students will learn more about their own anatomy and how to achieve depth in their yoga shapes using leverage and muscle activation. Constant learning is what makes yoga a lifelong practice, one way to create this longevity is to cross-pollinate with other movement practices. This has led Matthew to instruct an unconventional style of yoga that often includes added mobility routines along with the added practice of functional human movements. Matthew whole-hardheartedly believes yoga needs to translate outside of the studio because it is how we move ourselves during the 16 or so hours in which we are awake that greatly impacts how we practice movement for only one of those hours.

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