Tim Mohrmann



Growing up I had a strong passion for sports such as basketball, lacrosse, and football.
Unfortunately, I struggled to get off the bench because of my size and lack of athleticism. I spent
hours before and after practice trying to improve my skills, but it wasn’t until a life changing
conversation with one of my coaches that I began to put hard work into the gym. Though I never
continued with sports after high school, I was always consistent with my training in the gym.

My past experiences have helped me realize I have a strong passion for strength training
and training athletes, along with helping others improve their mental health through fitness. I
want to share my experience of overcoming insecurities and body dysmorphia with anyone who
is going through similar challenges. Down the road, I plan to pursue a degree in kinesiology and
sports medicine so I can be the best trainer I possibly can.

NASM CPT Certified

Strength and Athletic Performance Training

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Location: Lincoln Square Athletic Club and Lakeview Athletic Club

Email: tmohrmann@chicagoathleticclubs.com

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