Personal Training in Chicago


Personal training is a fitness outlet designed to help you target your specific wellness needs and challenges. Our gyms in Chicago and Evanston offer a variety of personal fitness training offerings—including 1-on-1 training, 2-on-1 training, and small group training. You can read more about these solutions below or give our professionals a call to learn more! 


Whether you are newly getting started in the world of fitness or looking for more advanced guidance along your wellness journey, our personal trainers in Chicago & Evanston can help you find your confidence, strength, and fitness power. 


Grab your partner, best friend, family member, or workout buddy, and head on over to 2-on-1 fitness training. These 2-on-1 sessions are just like personal training with the addition of having someone by your side. 



If you love both group fitness classes and personal training solutions—small group training is designed to combine the best of both worlds. Get the attentive support of personal training without the crowds with small group training sessions.


Chicago Personal Training


Get one-on-one fitness support from our world-class personal trainers. Our fitness experts know how to tap into your strengths, overcome your challenges, and help you towards your goals. You can partner with a CAC personal trainer in Chicago or Evanston today to bring your fitness experience to new heights. 

2-on-1 Personal Training Chicago


Are you looking for 2-on-1 training in Chicago or Evanston? CAC has you covered. These training sessions are just like our 1-1 offerings, with the fun addition of having your workout buddy, partner, spouse, best friend, or family member by your side. You can tackle your couple fitness goals or get in the best shape of your life with a partner! Sign up today or contact our local fitness experts to learn more about 2-on-1 fitness training. 


Group Training

Chicago Small-Group Training


If you love group fitness classes but hate the crowds, small group training is the solution for you. Group training sessions combine the fun of a group environment while still allowing some individual attention and tailored support from your instructor. Sign up today in our gyms across Chicago and Evanston. 

What Our Members Are Saying


Peter is absolutely amazing. I’ve had the privilege of training with him for a few weeks now, and already seeing great initial results. His masterful skills and great energy produces an environment for total success. The gym is well kept and it’s clients are follow proper gym etiquette. Sal S
Love this place. I have been a member for many years! Weight room is clean, bright and open. Great instructors/classes as well! Pat and the LPAC staff work hard to maintain a professional atmosphere! Chris M
Not only did WAC make me feel welcome, but also allowed me to meet new people through the group fitness classes and even expanded my experiences with the additional opportunities offered outside of the gym. I have never felt more confident and strong. The group fitness classes have provided an atmosphere that is challenging to which I have grown mentally and physically. Marielle S.

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