Nathan Wilson

Your goals are my goals, and I've probably been where you are now. Everyone starts somewhere, and while I've been a college athlete--track (mile and pole vault), plus the school mascot--I've also been down--from three years of undiagnosed hypothyroidism, to injuries, crashes and setbacks. I've come back in the last five years from the worst shape of my life to losing ~50 pounds, running eight marathons, achieving a Black Belt, and qualifying for the Boston Marathon three years running.

Though I was successful on my own, as a Certified Personal Trainer I have tricks and tools I didn't have before. Together we can assess your current fitness and obstacles and find a program that will not only achieve your goals, but will motivate and inspire you. If you're willing to put in the work, together we can be successful!

Education, Experience & Credentials
Boys Gymnastics Team Coach; First Degree Black Belt (A.K.K.A.); Professional Mascot; Ph.D. in Communication Studies, Rhetoric; United Spirit Association Mascot Instructor.

National Academy of Sports Medicine - NASM-CPT

Fat-loss, Strength Gains, Muscular Endurance, Martial Arts, Distance Running, Cycling, Basic Nutrition Information

Elite Trainer

Location: West Loop, Bucktown

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