Mary Harte


Mary Harte has been practicing yoga since 2007.  Mary, an avid gym goer, started practicing reluctantly after listening to others list all the benefits of yoga.  One class and she was sold herself on the transformative effects of the practice!  Yoga has helped her learn how to handle life’s stress in a much calmer way. The physical elements also brought a new challenge that Mary’s current cardio and weight training didn’t provide.  It was the mind/ body connection that made the practice of yoga stick!  After a few years of a practice that grew from once a week to daily- Mary completed her 200 hour certification at Yogaview with Geri Bleier, Claire Mark, Quinn Kearney  and Tom Quinn in 2010.  Mary’s teaching style invites you to challenge yourself physically, giving students space and options throughout class so each student can find their place in poses.  It is Mary’s hope that her students find that the close attention to the movement of the body frees the mind.  Mary lives and teaches in Chicago, Illinois. She feels very grateful that yoga has come into her life and loves to share it with others.


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