Adult Swim Lessons &
Masters Swim Team

Take your swim workouts to a whole new level.


Re-opening Guidelines for Adult Swim Programs

In the initial phase of reopening the pools, we will be offering lap swimming, one on one private adult swim lessons, and Masters Swim Team practices.  
In order to maintain proper physical distancing in the pools, there will be a one swimmer per lane limit during lap swimming.  Members who wish to swim can make a reservation for one hour of lane use on the CAC app or by calling the front desk at each club.  Lanes can be reserved up to 24 hours in advance and are available for members 16 years and older only.  If you are not able to utilize your reservation time, please cancel your reservation in a timely manner by contacting the front desk or on the CAC app.
The following rules have been established in order to adhere to safety guidelines, including social distancing, in the pool:
  1. Lane access is limited to 60 minutes per reservation for each individual member.
  2. Lane 1, which will be labeled in each pool, will be reserved at all times for private swim lessons.  If Lane 1 is not being used for a private lesson, members can use it for lap swimming on a first come, first served basis, but will need to vacate the lane in the event of a private lesson.
  3. All participants must take a cleansing shower prior to entering the pool.
  4. The wearing of a mask is mandatory in all of the clubs, including in the locker rooms, the shower and bathroom areas (except while showering), and on the pool deck.  When using the pool, masks should be removed just before entering the pool.  CAC recommends placing the mask in a zip lock bag or similar to store your mask safely while you are in the pool.
  5. No equipment will be available in the pools, including kickboards, pull buoys, swim fins, noodles, or pool weights.  Members can provide their own equipment for use in the pool. Pool equipment brought by members must be wiped down/sanitized before entering the building.
  6. In the initial phase of re-opening, we will not offer adult group swim lessons, only one on one private lessons and Masters Swim team, all of which require pre-registration.

Private Swim Lessons

Learn and perfect your stroke with One-on-One swim coaching.

Whether you are a total beginner, need technique work, or are looking for a great swim workout, one-on-one swim instruction allows you to tailor your swim experience to fit your needs. Our certified instructors can teach you how to swim more effectively, increase your speed and endurance, and enjoy being in the water.

For private lessons please contact Monika Suto - 

Click here for pricing.

Adult Swim Lessons

Dive into the best shape of your life with the best swim instructors in Chicago.

A Learn to Swim program for those who need to develop swimming basics such as stroke form and breathing to swimmers who tire after a few lengths and need help improving their strokes.

The Adult Beginner class is for those who are completely new to swimming or still maintain a certain fear in the water. Participants work on submerging face in the water, floating on stomach and back, and will learn proper stroke and kick technique.

The Adult Intermediate class is for those who are comfortable in the water and have some knowledge of swimming, but still need work on their technique. Instructor will teach freestyle with proper breathing, backstroke and breaststroke.

The Adult Advanced class is for swimmers currently swimming for fitness wanting to bring more focus and intention to their swims to improve endurance. Classes will include 15 minutes of technique work followed by a structured swim workout. Participants should feel comfortable swimming 50 continuous yards each of freestyle and backstroke. This class is great for swimmers considering joining the Masters Swim Team as it will prepare you!  This class takes place at Lincoln Square Athletic Club only.

*Please note that instructors reserve the right to move participants to another class if the one they signed up for is inappropriate. If there is no space available in other classes, a refund may be issued.


Members: $70 per month

Non-members*: $100 per month

*Non-members are restricted to pool use only.

Master Swim Team

CAC Masters Swim Team practices are returning as the clubs reopen on Monday, July 27th. New schedule is:

M/W/F 6:30 am – 7:30 am
T/Th 6 -7 pm
Saturday: Masters I 7:30 -8:30 am and Masters II 8:30 – 9:30 am

T/Th 6:30 -7:30 am

Registration is required to join the team. Participants need to bring their own equipment.

A fun, advanced swim program at CAC geared towards taking your swim training to the next level.  Members of the Masters Swim program attend training practices led by coaches with elite swimming backgrounds, and have the option to compete with the CAC Masters Swim Team throughout the year, including at state and national championships.

Masters I
Swimmers who have solid strokes and swim for fitness but still need technique work and are building endurance through structured workouts.

Masters II
Swimmers with a strong swim background and can swim at least 2000 meters per hour.

Members:           $40 per month
Non-members*: $65 per month

*Non-members are restricted to pool use only.

 For more information contact

Adult Swim Lessons Schedule (currently not available)

Day Class Time Club
 Mondays  Beg/Int  5:45-6:30pm  WAC
 Tuesdays  Beg/Int  6:00-6:45pm  LSAC
 Wednesdays  Beg/Int  5:45-6:30pm  WAC

 Intermediate Only

 Sundays  Beg/Int  11:30-12:15pm  EAC

Masters Swim Training Schedule

Day Class Time Club
 Mondays  MastersI/MastersII  6:30-7:30am  WAC


 Wednesdays  MastersI/MastersII  6:30-7:30am  WAC
 Thursdays  MastersI/MastersII
 Fridays  MastersI/MastersII  6:30-7:30am  WAC
 Saturdays  MastersI

CAC Adult Swim Registration

If you wish to cancel your Adult Swim Program registration, click here.