Rashaad Hall


I believe that the gym should be an inspiring place. A place where all people, all bodies and all experience levels are welcome. For me, fitness is a life-changing journey that works the body as well as the mind. My fitness journey is dedicated to building confidence as well and muscle. I am a NASM Certified CPT and my background is in Acting/Theatre where our bodies are our instruments. Over the years training in various fitness modalities geared towards performers, my focus is on Functional Fitness that builds strength, proper alignment, agility and mobility. I enjoy motivating my clients to work hard and smart building confidence to take on anything they encounter.

DePaul University BFA 


Functional Fitness (All levels), Weight Loss/Gain/Maintenance Strength/Resistance/Functional/Bodyweight Training, Circuit Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Agility Training, Cardiovascular Endurance, Stability and Flexibility

Location: Lincoln Park
Expert Trainer

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