Michelle Atkins

My passion for fitness started when I was a young child in Kentucky running from street light to street light for recognition of being "faster than the boys". As a former D1 track and field and collegiate record holder in the triple jump at my alma mater, Western Kentucky University, I knew being athletic was in my DNA.
I want every client to feel they are not just working out, but being their very best in the form of an athlete in their own rights. I share passion from my own workouts, and what I find as a fundamental base to become a better version of themselves by designing workouts that are tailored to their needs.

Education, Experiences & Credentials:
BA Mass Communications, Minor AFAM Studies; Assistant Track & Field Coach

ASFA - Group and Personal Trainer, First-Aid - AED

Track and Field, lon/triple jump, gluteal workouts and muscle endurance tension training

Expert Personal Trainer

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