Lindsey Hart

One person may not be able to change the entire world, but they may be able to change one person’s entire life, and that, to me, is utterly more important. As a personal trainer, I want more than anything to initiate that change for you. I have been in the gym since ages 8-15, when I would take group fitness classes and complete workouts to pair with the competitive sports I was involved with. At age 15, I quit those sports to focus fully on my fitness journey. Since that age, I have done everything between CrossFit, obstacle course races, competitive body building/weightlifting, and general wellness fitness. Over the years, thanks to these I developed a major love and appreciation for strength, movement, and physical fitness. Along with these, I found a competitive nature in myself that comes out most in the group fitness classes I both take and teach. However, I am always more than willing to bring it out in our training sessions. Taking and teaching these classes first introduced me to group and individual focused training, and motivated me to become a personal trainer.
With clients, I hope to see them develop the same love I have for what I do, especially in regards to what they will be working towards. I am consistent, a very caring person, and committed to any goal set, whether it be mine, my client’s, or ours as a team together. Thanks to my diverse past experiences in fitness, I am willing and able to always bring variety into workouts. I think it is important to always keep the body guessing, and practice doing this in both my own workouts and my client workouts. As your personal trainer, I will be more than happy to take all the time necessary to get you, your health, your mind, your body, and everything in between where you would like it to be. Your goals are my goals.

ACE Personal Training, Les Mills GRIT Group Fitness, CPR/AED

Cardio, Core Training, High Intensity Interval Training, Event Preparation/Conditioning, Weight Training, General Wellness, Functional Stretching, Group Fitness/Training

Expert Trainer

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