Jim Lal-Tabak

Jim Lal-Tabak_tnJim Lal-Tabak has been studying and teaching Yoga since 1976. Over the years he has developed a precise yet gentle approach which encourages students to modify and adjust postures to meet their individual needs and situation. He specializes in gentle, low impact aspects of Yoga bringing his knowledge of Indian Medicine (Ayurveda) to his teaching. His primary teacher was BKS Iyengar and he has developed a gentle mindful approach to the style.

Jim has a BA degree in Asian Studies from the University of Illinois in 1980 has over 40 years of experience promoting health and healing. He is a Practitioner of Yuen Method and Healing Spectrums and combines training in Yoga, Asian Studies, Tai Chi, Meditation, Diet, Fine Art, Ayurveda, Healing Spectrums, Chinese Energetic Method, and Group Systems, in his teaching and healing practice. His mission is to facilitate the healing process on all levels of being, including, physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, and spiritual. He sees clients privately, teaches classes, facilitates workshops, and offers lectures and demonstrations in Yoga and Ayurveda. He has presented at the SENG conference in the Chicago Area in 2017, San Diego in 2018 and uses story telling to enrich his presentations and classes. He is a cofounder of Heart of Transformation Wellness Institute SC, a Holistic, Integrative Wellness Center in Evanston IL.

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