Carol Clements

Carol_C..pngAfter having hip replacement surgery, Carol discovered aqua aerobics when she and her family moved to Evanston 14 years ago.  An athlete who enjoyed land aerobics to keep in shape, she switched to water workouts during her recovery.  She’s been dedicated to aqua classes as a participant and instructor ever since.   Carol also has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and has a private practice in Evanston.Water workouts are fun and freeing according to Carol Clements, AEA certified EAC aqua instructor.  The buoyancy of the water enables participants to run and jump freely and powerfully with low impact.  The water is refreshing, keeping you cool even when exercising vigorously.  Moves that my be difficult to accomplish on land become easier to do in the water.  The water holds you up, helping you to maintain your balance and keeping you from falling.  Carol says that in the water she feels like she can fly!

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