Summer Playlist for Workout Motivation: Part II

Here is is! Part two to the inside tracks of our trainers and instructors. Be sure to check out their motivating music jams and add them to your workout playlist.


Katie Morgan--LVAC.jpgMy two favorite workout songs are:
Hello, Hooray - Alice Copper. This song is anthemic. It is uplifting and always gets me pumped for a strength workout.
June Bug - the B52's. This is my favorite running song. The driving beat is perfect for keeping pace.

Katie Morgan - Lakeview Personal Trainer


Chris DiFranco---WAC.jpgJust wanted to send along a couple songs. Here's my favorites:

Going the Distance by Bill Conti
Most people know "Gonna Fly Now" as the quintessential Rocky workout song to get them feeling like they're in their own training montage. I personally favor this song, which is played as Rocky and Apollo go through the last round of their fight. I use it when I'm trying to finish the last set of a tough workout and it gets the adrenaline going every time!

Light it Up (feat. Nyla & Fuse & ODG) [Remix]
by Major Lazer
This is a great upbeat song to get you moving, whether you're doing circuit training or cardio. It'll put you in a great mood too!
Chris DiFranco - Personal Trainer

Sharon_Cooper.jpgBeing a spin instructor, I have too many to choose from!
But here are two that stick out in my mind.

Foo Fighters - Rope (original, and the remix)
Metallica - Enter Sandman

Sharon Cooper- Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

web_Zach-BennerLVAC-220x290.jpgKendrick Lamar- FEEL
This is my running song for those long stressful days, this song makes me feel like I can push myself and creates a great beat to kick it up to the next level.

Adventure Club- Reaction
This song is for HIIT circuits or quick burst workout. Electronic music like such gets my blood pumping as I push through a hell circuit of exercises. Love to finish my workout with this artist.

Zach Benner - Lakeview Personal Trainer


Shaina-Young-1-220x275.jpgMy favorite workout song is Never There by Cake.
It's got a good beat, and it reminds me of the fun spin classes Bob Wysocki used to teach.

Shaina Young - Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor


Kieran_Layton.jpgThree of my favorites that always get people going:

You Only Talk in Hashtag -- Luciana and Dave Aude
Superman -- Offer Nissim
Dancin' Circles (Club Mix)-- Dave Aude & David Garcia

Kieran Layton - Group Fitness Instructor



Kim-Annehall-1-220x275.jpgCurrently two songs have been on my mind a lot:

Despacito - Remix by Luis Fonsi
Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Kim Anehall - Evanston Personal Trainer



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