New Small Group Training at Chicago Athletic Clubs: ANIMAL FLOW

At Chicago Athletic Clubs, when it comes to training the more the merrier! Or so we find with our Small Group Training programs. Unique to CAC, these programs offer the individual attention of a personal trainer but is a more social group setting, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional Personal Training. Plus, these programs offer accountability around a certain goal - to learn kettlebell moves, women's self-defense, mindful stretching as a supplement to your workout - that can help individuals to build healthy and sustainable habits in a fitness lifestyle.

Even better, we are always introducing new programs, and are thrilled to share our newest Small Group Training at Bucktown Athletic Club: ANIMAL FLOW. Want to know more about it? There is no one better than trainer Ruben Medina, lead instructor for the program, to tell you in his own words what this training is all about!

In a few sentences, can you describe the ANIMAL FLOW Small Group Training Program?

ANIMAL FLOW is a progressive program that is fun and challenging, which consists of ground-based movement that is designed to train the human body in strength, endurance, power, flexibility, balance, mobility and coordination in a way that traditional workout programs cannot. Each small group will progress from the basics to ensure that no one is ever lost! ANIMAL FLOW is for anyone who wants to get into their peak physical condition and have fun doing it!

What does this program offer that our members can’t get from other programs?

As a personal trainer, the qualities I see that most people are lacking are a baseline level of strength, body awareness, core strength and mobility/flexibility. This program aims to correct all that by teaching the clients to use their bodies and improve on all those functions, while giving them a stronger overall body and core. There's no other class or program that brings that type of awareness to the members. It also helps them do pretty cool things with their bodies!

What are some of the main benefits of ANIMAL FLOW?

Among many of the benefits of my program, one is that, unlike other programs, we start from square one on the first day and gradually build up to pretty big, cool things by the end of it. No one should be leaving this program guessing or questioning what they learned! In addition, I understand that the gym can be such a daunting task or feel like a "chore", and with this program I aim at building a community. I'm in love with what I do, and I want other people to be just as excited about working out, or at least moving their bodies, as I am! Lastly, this program is actually meant to keep progressing past the first phase (Fundamentals), so the learning and growing doesn't stop after a month but keeps building onto bigger and more challenging material - though each phase will be a standalone program in itself.

What can participants expect from a typical ANIMAL FLOW workout?

While ANIMAL FLOW can be physically challenging, I want members to think of it as "practice" instead of just a normal workout. Most people think of a workout as something you do and then it's done. This is something I would like my clients to focus on outside of our classes, not just while they're with me. No two classes will be identical because of the progressive nature, but what I can say is that every class will begin with a warm up, we will break down new skills (and modify them for those that cannot yet do it), and then we will be learning and executing a flow. They should expect to be low to the floor 95% of the time, come with an open mind, and be ready to have fun! (OH, and be prepared for a million high-fives - my favorite!)

What do you love the most about the ANIMAL FLOW program?

My mission as a personal trainer is to help everyone around me reach their fullest potential, and I know that this program can help every single one of our members achieve that. While I love yoga, I feel as though it's challenging for newer people to jump into it because it's "learn as you go" and it takes a while before people realize the benefits or what to activate or feel. My program has a progressive approach, so you will feel different in week 4 than you did on day 1. I love that ANIMAL FLOW is a full body workout, but doesn't feel like it. There's a very empowering feeling when you can control your body, and moving it always feel good!