Katie Morgan

KATIE MORGANIntroduction
My fitness journey began with a love of both dance and running. I started running on track teams at the age of 13 and danced my way through high school and college. My passion for health and wellness runs nearly as deep. As a high school senior I knew that I wanted to help make people’s lives better, this desire prompted me to take a Certified Nurses Aid course; taking this course launched my career into health and wellness. I began working as a home health aide, where I discovered my passion for working with the senior population. After graduating from The University of Illinois at Chicago with a B.A. in Kinesiology, I knew that I wanted to combine my love of movement with my desire to care for people. I have worked in health care for over 15 years, specializing in working with the 65+ population. ! I have also been a contributing author and model for the diabetic exercise manuals; “10 Minute Workouts for People with Diabetes” and “Defeating Diabetes”. Helping people improve their health and reach their goals is one of my greatest joys in life!

ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist and ACE Functional Exercise Specialist, ACE-Medical exercise specialist

University of Illinois at Chicago, B.A. in Kinesiology

Balance and fall prevention, Core strengthening, Functional training, Injury prevention and pain management

Specialist Trainer

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