Find your motivation again with Personal Training

The truth about making change is that it takes time, effort and dedication. There's just no way around that. Whether you are looking for physical change, change in your mental health or in the world around you, there is always work that needs to be done. Usually it's a challenge, but that's what makes it worth it.

Couch potato man eating chipsThe past months have thrown a real wrench into everyone's lives. Routines that kept us steady have been drastically altered. Many of us are feeling lethargic, stressed and a little softer around the middle from increased couch potato time and decreased physical activity. And with the new normal not going away any time soon, most of us are ready to take action and make the changes to regain control of our physical and mental health.

Safety has become the number one priority. With OSHA certified safety measures in place, many gyms have finally been able to open their doors and welcome back members eager to return to their healthy lifestyles.  But getting back into your routine is another challenge. With a different world around you and several months of an altered approach to physicality, your routine may need a change.  Classes and workouts are moving outdoors.  Group fitness looks a little different but still gives you a great workout.  You might be ready to try something new.  Where do you start now? What's the best way to move forward? How do you stay motivated on this new frontier? In these moments a little help can go a long way.

Training GraphicEnter Personal Training! Personal Training provides so much more than a dedicated workout, and it is probably the best thing you can do for yourself right now. When we think of Personal Training we tend to focus on the 'training' and gloss over the 'personal' part. But Personal Training also gives you Personal Accountability, Personal Motivation and Personal Dedication to attaining your goals.

Accountability is clutch when it comes to getting results. Yes, having the personal attention of one-on-one workout routines guided by a professional trainer is the ultimate in ensuring you are getting some good exercise in. But we aren't just talking about day to day here. When you invest in a Personal Trainer, you are investing in the time, effort and dedication needed to make real change for the long haul. To keep showing up. Your Personal Trainer helps give you more accountability so that you can focus more on doing the work you need to do.

Your Personal Trainer gives you the mental support you need to make your change happen, and that experience is unique to everyone. We all know that 90% of health and fitness is mental, and finding motivation to get started, make a change or keep going can be challenging. Your Personal Trainer wants to see you succeed, and for that to happen they have to help spark your individual motivation.

Achieving goals leaping  over chasmEven once we are on the right path and attain our goals, there is always another hill to climb, road to travel or ocean to swim. That is what makes life so exciting! Rolling with the changes, finding new ways to challenge yourself or knowing when to pull back are all part of the ongoing journey to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Your Personal Trainer is invested in you. Having someone who is familiar with your journey and can offer guidance is invaluable to helping you stick to your plan and achieve the goals you don't even know you have yet. They are a point of consistency in an ever changing world that you can always use to get your bearings. Your Personal Trainer is dedicated to you so that you can be dedicated to yourself.

Is Personal Training an investment? Yes, but one that is truly more about investing in yourself and your future. As life throws us curve balls, there is no better time to take our health and future into our own hands - and a little help can go a long way.

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