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It’s your health, and we take it personally.


Personal Training at CAC

Nothing helps you achieve your goals faster than the one-on-one attention of a personal trainer.
We've got the right fit for everyone looking to find their Personal Workout Happy Place.

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Julie Indoor Training with maskIn-club Personal Training

Get classic training safely in the club with one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer and CAC's state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.


Why it's awesome:

  • OSHA safety measures in place throughout the clubs
  • Proper physical distance ensured during the session
  • Continuous deep cleaning at all locations

Your safety is our number one priority, so we ensure that you feel safe and comfortable at all times in the clubs.  Your trainer will guide you every step of the way to crushing your fitness and health goals—no matter the challenge! 

Virtual Personal TrainingVirtual Personal Training 

Bring your personal training to the convenience of your home, or wherever you are!  Our trainer's expertise gives you a great remote workout.


Why it's awesome:

  • One-on-one sessions in the convenience of your living room
  • Creative and flexible, using your own equipment or body weight
  • You don't need to leave the house to get personal attention and training

All of our virtual personal training sessions are run through Zoom. Sessions can be scheduled on the days and times that best fit the trainer and client’s schedule. All sessions will be tailored to the space and equipment that the client has available.

Outdoor personal TrainingOutdoors Personal Training

Take advantage of the outdoors to take your training to the next level!  Get a great workout in the fresh air from one of our exceptional trainers.


Why it's awesome:

  • Minimizes risk while maximizing fun and challenge with outdoor training
  • Offers variety and versatility with the same quality of expertise
  • Utilizes top of the line CAC equipment repurposed for the fresh air

Outdoor sessions occur at an agreed-upon space outside of any CAC location. Trainers have the availability to use club equipment for all outdoor sessions. We ask all members to check in to the club prior to their scheduled outdoor session.

Personal Training Levels

At Chicago Athletic Clubs, we have carefully curated our personal training program to meet our members' needs. In addition to providing different modes of personal training, we also offer different personal training levels. Each level is designed to provide comprehensive support for unique personal training scenarios. CAC offers three levels of trainers to help you reach your goals: Expert, Elite, and Specialist. They’re ranked by a combination of experience, accreditation, and hours put in each week.

Expert Personal Training

Expert personal trainers are equipped with a broad range of knowledge from training for weight loss to sports and athletic conditioning. One of our experts can help you focus your workouts, foster motivation, and achieve your desired results. CAC's Expert personal trainers embody what you may think of as the "traditional" personal trainers, but with the advanced experience, proven methodology, and industry-leading standards of Chicago Athletic Clubs. 

Elite Personal Training

Elite personal trainers have expanded their skills by specializing in various disciplines, including injury prevention, flexibility training, and pre-post natal, to name a few. They are skilled problem solvers who can confidently enhance strength, challenge balance, and condition the body. Elite personal trainers are perfect for those facing a unique challenge, overcoming a difficult setback, or working to improve in an area of specialty.

Specialist Personal Training

Specialist personal trainers excel in a specific focus area, often one that requires years of in-depth or first-hand experience. Their advanced skills include marathon training, triathlon coaching, and training for special populations, such as heart transplant patients and cancer survivors. Specialist personal trainers also act as a bridge between physical therapy and recovery to fully rehabilitate any injury.

Personal Training in Chicago at CAC

When you are ready to get started along your personal training journey, Chicago Athletic Clubs is here for you. We extend our advanced personal training offerings to all seven of our Chicago-area gym locations. For any questions you may have or help getting started, contact CAC below, or visit your nearest gym location today!

Personal Training Scheduling Request

Personal Training Pricing

How much does personal training cost? While every gym is different, Chicago Athletic Clubs has tailored our prices based on training duration, level, and focus to make personal training as affordable as possible. You can view our pricing guide to Personal Training at CAC below. Virtual and outdoor training sessions are priced the same as our indoor sessions.

CAC Personal Training Pricing Guide

Private Yoga Training

Private Yoga training addresses your individual needs as a yogi. Whether you are new to yoga, working on a particular set of poses, or managing an injury, working one-on-one with a yoga instructor can be one of the most beneficial ways to begin or deepen your practice. For more information or to schedule private yoga sessions, please contact your club’s Personal Training Manager.

Personal Training Guidelines and Waivers

To partnering with one of our Chicago personal trainers as easy as possible, we have included the CAC guidelines and waivers below.  Each client must be present when paying for package (entire package must be purchased at the same time.)

  • Non-members must pay an additional $25 guest fee per session regardless of how many sessions and/or packages are purchased.
  • To avoid being charged for your session, please give 24-hour notice to change or cancel an appointment.
  • Sessions must be prepaid and are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Save time by downloading appropriate forms here and bringing them to your first personal training session.

Document PDFs

To view the Time Saver Forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Personal Training Physician Release Form

Personal Training Client Waiver Form

Personal Training Physical Activity Questionnaire

Personal Training Personal Health History

Personal Training Policies Agreement

Personal Training Pre/Postnatal Client Waiver Form

Personal Training Pre/Postnatal Doctor Release Form

Personal Training Action Plan