5 Reasons to Start Personal Training

You’ve thought about it before, “Maybe I should hire a Personal Trainer.” You’re not alone. We have all had this thought, but for one reason or another, we haven’t taken action yet.

If you’re still pondering, “To train or not to train?” read on and learn the 5 reasons personal training is the right path for you.

Personal trainer providing instruction and direction1. Guidance

You got yourself a new gym membership, (high five!) but the first time you step foot in the gym you’re suddenly overwhelmed with options...where to start? What type of workout is right for me and my goals?

Whether it’s your first time in a gym or you’re a seasoned athlete, personal training takes the fear out of the space by providing guidance of customized workouts to help you navigate an effective and successful workout for your body.

“Guidance from a personal trainer is how you transition from going through the motions during a workout to finally hitting your goals and making impactful changes in your life,” says Wicker Park Personal Trainer, Jennifer Bonner.

2. Structure

We are creatures of habit so anytime we try and foster new habits, like developing new fitness routines, just getting going is often the hardest part. Leaning into structure helps combat the challenge of change and individualized structure is exactly what personal trainers provide you!

Lincoln Square Personal Trainer, Dan Kleszynski says, “Moving systematically towards your fitness goals while partnering with a trainer builds success into the equation. Structure creates measurable efficiency allowing for benchmarks and reference points to be established. It allows for observable progression and it also allows a person to see if results aren’t happening if there’s any pattern that can explain why.”

Battle ropes personal trainer3. Motivation

The best way to stay inspired to continue anything in life comes from motivation and personal trainers are there to keep you motivated every step of the way! Personal Trainers fuel your success acting as your coach to get you to where you want to be.

BAC Personal Trainer, Kimmy Escamilla, creates motivation with her clients by staying positive, setting both long and short terms goals and rewarding clients when their goals are achieved, and always focusing on keeping workouts fun. When it comes to an exercise program, Kimmy says, “Without motivation, nobody would continue.”

4. Accountability

“Personal training is personal, someone is focusing directly on you and your mechanics and that workout accountability makes sure you can stay consistent” says Webster Place Personal Trainer, Jake Dermer. It’s no secret Personal Training adds an expense to your budget and that’s a good thing because with dollars on the line comes accountability to show up to do the work and reap the benefits. Plus, it’s much harder to ghost a workout when you’ve got your own personal coach expecting you for a session.

Marathon runners hugging1-25. Consistency

Whatever your reason pulling you into personal training is, feeling good in your skin and body every day is the best reason to stick with it.

“Consistency is the key to reaching any fitness goal. The body needs repetition and progression to get results; that doesn’t come from exercising just once in a while. Results come from showing up regularly,” says Lakeview Personal Trainer, Katie Morgan.

In the summer of 2018, Katie had a client that came to her with the goal of shaving 25 minutes off her marathon time.

“We worked on creating a strength routine that would increase speed and prevent injury. My client was encouraged to maintain a strength training regimen of two times a week, which is optimal for making strength gains. She was consistent with her programming and frequency throughout the summer. She ended up completing the marathon 47 minutes faster than her previous year; that was 30 minutes faster than her initial goal!”

The benefits of personal training are endless and attainable no matter where you are in your fitness journey. At CAC, our personal trainers want you to come as you are, they’ll help you from there. So, stop thinking about personal training and start doing it!!

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