Dan Kleszynski

My goal as a fitness professional is to work with you towards becoming your personal best. I believe everyone is capable of achieving their fullest potential and together, we can work to develop a plan with obtainable benchmarks that not only helps to change your quality of life, but also allows you to push through limits you may have unknowingly placed on yourself at a pace you are comfortable with. Having been an elementary school teacher, I know that everyone has a different path that they take towards reaching their goals.

People learn differently; I am interested in creatively utilizing both traditional and non-traditional forms of training to help discover your fitness solutions. I’m excited to have fun while we find your fitness related interests. One of the most important things is being able to live life to the fullest. At certain points in the journey life can put up roadblocks, and being fit in both body and mind is one of the best ways to break though those barriers. Your health is the first step to realizing your personal best. Are you ready to take the first steps on your new journey? Sign up today!

National Personal Training Institute (NPTI-CPT)
Chicago Kettlebell Club (Sport & Fitness Certification)
Box N Burn Academy Level I & II

General Health & Fitness (Conditioning)
Strength & Circuit Training
Metabolic Training (SAQ/HIIT/Tabata)
Kettlebell Training For Fitness & Sport
Boxing For Health & Fitness

Specialist Trainer


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