Beat the Winter Blues with Yoga

Looking for some sunshine this winter?  Check out this post by one of our very own yoga instructors for some tips on staying happy!

Beat the Winter Blues with Yoga: How to Cope During the Eating-Sleeping-Crying Season

by Kali Om, ERYT-500 and  CAC yoga instructor since 2004

Backbends and twists are great for combating lethargy, because they affect the spine and activate the nervous system, releasing energy. Supported backbends are a wonderful option if you’re feeling depleted; it can be as simple as lying down with a bolster supporting your middle back, and placing a rolled blanket under the shoulders. But I’ve found that simply moving the body will make the energy start to flow. If you haven’t yet developed a home yoga practice, get yourself to class!  Or simply go outside and take a brisk walk around the block. Just make sure you do it when the sun is out, so you can soak up its energizing rays...

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