Workout of the Week:4 Movement Total Body Challenge.




The Basics: Complete this circuit 2-3 times for a full body 30 minute workout. 


 Eren Single arm press.png


Single Arm Stability Chest Press:

While keeping hips up and body at a 45 degree angle on a bench pushing dumbbell upward aligning dumbbell at mid chest level. Slowly returning the movement in a controlled motion. Complete 12-15 Reps.



Eren Cable Fly.png

Rear Delt Flys on Cable Machine:

While thinking of keeping shoulders packed downward and then together begin to pull cables away as if you are trying to stretch an a elastic band across your chest. At the end position, core should remain stabilized while pausing for a moment with arms extended straight out to really feel the backs of your shoulders working.  Complete 10-12 Reps.



Eren Sumo Squat.png 

Push up Birddog:

Starting with body on the floor, Perform a pushup with your head chest and hips coming up together as one up to your knees. Then begin to extend the opposite leg and arm away from each other finding your balance. Come back down to starting position and repeat pushup this time extending opposite arm and leg. 

2 pushups alternating sides=1 Rep. Complete 8-12 Reps.

Eren Pedraza is a trainer at Bucktown

Eren says “This workout is just as much as a physical workout as it is mental. I believe that 80% of life is psychology and 20% is mechanics. This means in order to create an extraordinary life, we must first mentally create a clear compelling vision of the change we wish to see. 

How does this tie into fitness? We need to practice shifting our focus throughout each exercise with intention. How? Become an artist! Literally picture shaping and sculpting each body part as you work it. How do you want your change to look, grow, and become!?”

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