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Join the CAC Travel Workout Program

Get access to multiple workouts that require little to no equipment and take into account your limited time to stay fit on the road. What's included:

 3 workout programs 
Options to increase or decrease the workout intensity
Access to contact the CAC Personal Trainer who created the workout
Access to the new CAC Workout App
Nutrition guidelines

Only $30! Includes lifetime access to the travel program

What do you get out of our Online Travel Program?
Everything you need!

Do you feel like your fitness always suffers when you leave town?
Are you tired of the sluggish return back to the gym after a relaxing vacation?
Does it seem like you gain a few extra pounds with each business trip? 

The CAC Personal Training Team knows travel is one of the biggest obsticles that stands between our clients and their goals.
This is why we’ve put together a solution for you:

Join the CAC Travel Workout Program for access to multiple workouts that require little to no equipment and take into account your limited time to stay fit on the road.
Designed and approved by CAC’s very own personal training team, we've got your workouts covered for long duration vacations, quick weekend get-aways, or extended business trips.

In our online travel program, you’ll receive:

  • 3 workout plans designed with travel in-mind. We've built these workouts to be flexible in nature and require little to no equipment, so you can workout anywhere in the world.
  • Access to our simple to use CAC workout app that guides you through your exercise program, provides step-by-step exercise instructions, and provides easy to follow video demonstrations of each exercise, so you’ll know exactly what to do for your travel workout.
  • Programs designed for all levels of fitness, as you’ll have the ability to adjust your workout intensity and exercise selection based on your own needs.
  • A discussion board to ask your travel workout questions, or to interact with other CAC members who are on the road, so you’ll have a supportive team behind you at all times!
  • Group resources that include travel nutrition guidance and step-by-step instructions for how to begin your workout plan. layout.png

Don’t let your goals be slowed down by travel. Take a CAC trainer with you on your next trip and come back to Chicago with no guilt or regrets!

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CAC Online Training gives you the tools to tackle killer workouts whenever, wherever.  Your fitness doesn't stop just because you have to travel.

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