Group Fitness Classes chicago



Group Fitness Classes chicago


You deserve a gym that offers you the best group fitness classes in Chicago. At Chicago Athletic Clubs we offer extensive class programming to help you reach all your fitness goals. Whether you are looking for cardio classes, strength training regiments, or classes that focus the mind and the soul, CAC has you covered. Keep reading to learn more about our Chicago group fitness classes.  




Get powerful.  Don't limit yourself to free weights on the weight room floor.  Our strength-focused group fitness classes guide you with proper technique while challenging you to push past your limits.


Get your heart pumping, burn calories for weight loss, and build cardiovascular endurance that is essential for your overall health. From dance fitness to cycling and boxing—find it all at CAC.


Whether you are looking for a fitness focused-class or a way to unwind & relax, we've got you covered. From yoga, yoga sculpt, Pilates Mat, meditation & stretch, we have so much to offer.

Strength Training Classes 


No matter what your fitness goals are, strength training is an essential part of your program! These classes can help you sculpt and tone your muscles, promote weight loss, prevent injury, and strengthen your bones. By providing the foundational strength you need to excel in all areas of fitness, weight training classes and strength classes offer an essential component to a complete workout regimen. Here at Chicago Athletic Clubs, strength training classes provide an instructed and regimented weight lifting option that is perfect for all levels of fitness. Our fitness experts will help you modify your weight choices and movements to improve your form and work your way up. You are going be so strong.



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Cardio Classes 



The focus of these classes is heavy on cardio, but our industry-leading instructors also add strength, toning, and core work for a full-body workout. Is your goal to lose weight? These class benefits include improved heart and lung health, increased metabolism, a better quality of sleep, increased energy, improved bone density, and reduced stress.  Our bodies are made to move, so let’s keep them moving! 
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Body Attack Classes at Chicago Gym
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Our highly-experienced instructors teach poses, postures, movements and meditation to enhance your flexibility and strength. When you step into our studios, you access a space where it is all about you, giving you a chance to focus on your breathing, your practice, and your mind/body connection. Who doesn't love that? 



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