20 Moves in 20 Days

20 Moves in 20 Days (2)

Grab your sneakers, a towel and a water bottle and try this new challenge at home: 20 Moves in 20 Days! This workout is primarily body weight, when it calls for "weights" use whatever you have available. Those "weights" can be 2 actual hand weights, 2 soup cans, 2 bags of kitty litter, 2 bottles of water, 2 bottles of wine, 2 similar cats... well, you get the idea.

TIMING: 30 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest, repeat 5x

OPTION: Superset: add on the exercises from the same muscle group for an extended, more intense workout. For example, on Day 5, start with Day 1’s exercises (keep same timing). And on Day 9, add on exercise from Day 1 and Day 5.

EQUIPMENT: 2 weights/2 cans/2 bottles of wine/2 milk or laundry detergent jugs

SUGGESTED PLAYLIST: Spotify 20 Moves/20 Days

Tips for Success:

  • Establish a routine. Set your workout schedule for the same time, same place every day. This will keep your momentum going.
  • Use our playlist, or make one of your own with favorite, upbeat songs to energize and motivate you.
  • Connect with us and let’s workout together using hashtag #cacathome


DAY 1 – LEGS: High Knee Toe Taps (use chair or stair)

DAY 2 – BACK: Deadlift + High Pull = tip from hip, sliding “weights” down legs to knees, stand; quickly draw equipment up to shoulders like an upright row, but with power, lifting the heels off the floor.

DAY 3 – ARMS: Hammer Curls with “weights”

DAY 4 – CORE: Arm + Leg Extensions = on back, lift arms above shoulders and legs above hips, slowly lower arms and legs towards floor, then lift. (option: add “weight” in hands)

DAY 5 – LEGS: Reverse Lunge with Knee Lift, alternating sides (option: add “weights” in hands)

DAY 6 – BACK: Renegade Row = Plank position, feet (or knees) wide, hands under shoulders. Pull “weight” from below your shoulder up to rib cage, lower, switch. Progression: Add push-up between sides.

DAY 7 – ARMS: Hammer Curls + Shoulder Press

DAY 8 – CORE: Walking Hover = start on forearms and knees/toes. Walk up to palms (plank) and back down to forearms, alternating lead arms.

DAY 9 – LEGS: Squat Jump

DAY 10 – BACK: Power Burpee = Stay in low squat when you jump in from plank.

DAY 11 – ARMS: Triceps Dips off chair or stair

DAY 12 – CORE: Double Pulse Cross Crawl = Crunching Right Shoulder to Left Knee pulse x2, switch.

DAY 13 – LEGS: Single Leg Glute Bridge = lay on back, squeeze glutes to lift up toward ceiling, lift one leg, lower and switch)

DAY 14 – BACK: Wide Row = tip from hip, sliding “weights” down towards knees, draw elbows out wide to the sides to create a 90 degree angle at each, squeezing shoulder blades together, lower arms and stand.

DAY 15 – ARMS: Jab + Cross

DAY 16 – CORE: Decline Mountain Climbers = Feet elevated on stair or bench, hands on floor, pull knee into chest, alternating sides.

DAY 17 – LEGS: Single leg calf raise. For added stability challenge, keep opposite knee at hip height.

DAY 18 – BACK: Sky Diver with Lat Pull = prone position, knees wide, heels up and together. Squeeze butt to lift knees while lifting chest and pull elbows in, squeezing shoulder blades towards each other.

DAY 19 – ARMS: Alternating Front + Lateral Arm Raises with “weights”

DAY 20 – CORE: Russian Twist = seated, heels on or off floor, rotate upper body to tap elbow down towards floor, alternating sides. (option: add “weight” in hands)


Pick your favorite exercise from all four muscle groups, 30s/10s x 5 each, for a full body workout!


BACK ______________________________

ARMS ______________________________

CORE ______________________________

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