10 Ways to Cope with Uncertainty

Remember the not too distant time of “if I had more free time I would…” thoughts? It’s only been weeks, but it feels like years since our Stay at Home order was put in place. And, if you’re like me, what you’re actually doing with your “free time” is vastly different than what you thought. And that’s okay because a few weeks ago your life looked very different. Your needs were very different. Your entire day-to-day life was different. Now is the time to sit, and take time to listen to what you need right now, in this moment. 

Here are 10 ways to cope with the uncertainty:

Coping with uncertainty infographic from Chicago Athletics Clubs


1: Not Knowing is Okay

We like answers and understanding. Uncertainty is scary. It’s okay, you’re allowed to be uncertain and scared.

2: Be Proud of Yourself

Write down 5 things that make you PROUD of yourself. And, yes, changing out of sleep PJs and into daytime PJs counts!

3: Sit with Your Emotions

Don't hide behind vices. Name the emotions you feel. Know what influenced the emotion. It will pass. It doesn’t define you.

4: Slow Down

You do not have to move mountains. Take this opportunity to find the joy in a slower, more simple pace of life.

5: Have a Schedule

A schedule gives a sense of normalcy and will have you feel accomplished throughout your day.

6: Go Outside

(for a short period of time, keeping your distance)

Sunshine boosts serotonin and helps the body produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an important nutrient for the immune system.

7: Exercise

Exercise builds strength and boosts your endurance. PLUS it improves your mood and reduces your feelings of anxiety and depression.

8: Focus on Self Care

Self Care is anything that calms your mind, gives you peace, or puts a smile on your face.

9: Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can impair your mood and reduce motivation. Stay hydrated for ample body and brain performance.

10: Connect With Others

We survive and thrive on connection. Phone calls, FaceTime, social gaming—it all counts. Stay connected!

Chicago Athletic Clubs: Here to Help You Manage Uncertainty

Here at Chicago Athletic Clubs, we are doing our best to help members manage these times of uncertainty. We are reopening with industry-leading safety measures as local restrictions allow. For those not ready to get back into the gym just yet, our CAC ANYWHERE app is helping members access LIVE fitness classes and virtual workouts. For more support, you can keep an eye on our COVID-19 updates, and blog resources. We appreciate you and your commitment to our gym—and we look forward to welcoming you back soon!