Why swimming pools are a safe place to be working out

Among the many questions people still have surrounding the Covid-19, quite a few are centered around the safety of water, pools and swimming. Swim enthusiasts especially are interested in knowing whether they can re-introduce laps to their workout routines. The good news is, whether it's part or your regular practice or you are looking for a new way to keep healthy, swimming pools are still a safe place to work out.

Mask on poolThe most important factor is "There is no evidence that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can spread to people through water," according to the CDC. This extends to natural bodies of water, pools and hot tubs. While important precautionary measures should still be used, the main form of transmission - respiratory droplets - do not appear to infect people through water.

When it comes to pools and hot tubs in particular, the common use of chlorine as a sanitizing measure ads an extra layer of safety. As infectious disease expert Amesh A. Adalja, MD told Health Magazine, "The coronavirus doesn't survive in chlorinated water." The main concern of spreading the virus in these areas is still the close contact with other people or contaminated surfaces. Cleanliness and sanitation of the surrounding area and furniture is essential. It is also still the recommendation of all health experts that when visiting a pool or outdoor water area, people continue to keep 6 feet of distance from other people (both in and out of the water), wear a face covering when not in the water, wash hands often and absolutely stay home if you are feeling ill.

At Chicago Athletic Clubs we are diligent about maintaining a protected and healthy environment throughout the clubs, and that includes our pools. With the safety of everyone a priority, and to help give those excited to get back into the pools a little more peace of mind, we want you to know everything we are doing to ensure our clubs and pools are a safe place to be.

Girl in workout clothes and mask sitting by the poolHere is how we are making it's safe for everyone to swim in our pools:

  • State of the art HVAC systems throughout the clubs proving healthy, non-recirculated air for improved air quality in the pool
  • CAC has Dectron dehumidification units in all pool areas constantly heating/cooling, dehumidifying and exhausting 24-7
  • Use of chlorine in pool water for sanitation
  • Consistent sanitation and cleaning of all surfaces in the surrounding area and throughout the clubs
  • No equipment will be available in the pools, including kickboards, pull buoys, swim fins, noodles, or pool weights.  Members can provide their own equipment for use in the pool. Pool equipment brought by members must be wiped down/sanitized before entering the building
  • A limit in place of one swimmer per lane to ensure proper distancing
  • Lane reservation required to safely monitor use and capacity of pool areas
  • 1 lane in all indoor pools designated for private adult lessons
  • Requirement of face coverings at all times when patrons are not swimming, and we do not allow the wearing of a mask while swimming
  • Requirement that all participants must take a cleansing shower prior to entering the pool
  • Hot Tubs will not be available immediately upon reopening
  • No Aqua workout classes immediately upon reopening

Ultimately we are looking forward to helping everyone stay healthy and fit as we navigate the new normal of working out. We can't wait to see you in the clubs!