CAC is ensuring that everyone breathes safely

While the primary means of Covid-19 transmission is still considered to be from contact with respiratory droplets that have fallen onto a surface, there are questions remaining about the safety of the air around us. These respiratory droplets are generally to heavy to stay airborne, but there is still indication that lingering particles can increase infection in enclosed, poorly ventilated spaces. How dangerous those lingering particles are is still 'up in the air', so to speak.

Affixing social distance sign to treadmill with glovesOur best means to combat this is to maintain distance, wear face coverings to prevent our respiratory droplets from escaping into the air and washing our hands with soap constantly. When it comes to indoor spaces, the next most important factor to consider is how well ventilated that space is, because that directly impacts the ability of any lingering droplets to remain in the air.

side plank in yoga class with maskAt Chicago Athletic Clubs it is our priority to ensure that the air everyone is breathing is as safe as possible. In addition to the precautions of extensive cleaning, social distancing and adhering to face-covering policies for all, we want to let you know how our ventilation system is keeping you - and our family here at CAC - breathing easier.

To begin, here is some basic information to help you understand how our system works:

  • CAC's HVAC systems have multiple roof-top units per club. Each unit runs 24/7 regardless of occupancy.
  • The inside air of every facility is exhausted and replaced with fresh air. This is a major recommendation by the CDC for improving air quality and safety of indoor spaces.
  • The rate of air exchange has been increased to 15%. City of Chicago regulations state a minimum of 10%. The 15% is cumulative across all units, creating a replacement rate that ensures a healthy breathing environment.
  • Maximized air movement achieved by our HVAC systems combined with ceiling fans guarantees optimal performance of the Air and Surface Pro Ionization units that have been installed throughout the facilities.
  • All air filters replaced every month.

The Air and Surface Pro+ units are air purification units that are being utilized in addition to our already robust HVAC system. This is just to add on yet another layer of safety and protection. Below are some of the reasons we have chosen these units specifically:

  • They use FDA approved ActivePure® technology
  • They reduce and eliminate viruses, bacteria and allergens in the air and on every surface
  • Tested and Proven to destroy RNA viruses, including COVID-19

There is no one answer to making this virus go away. Rather, it is working together through a multitude of different avenues that are all focused on the same goal: your safety and health. CAC is taking every step possible to leave no safety stone unturned so that you can feel 100% confident being back in your home away from home.

We can't wait to see you back in the clubs!

2 athletes elbow bumping good job at gym in masks