Top 5 gifts for your fitness Valentine or Galentine

That time of year has come around again when we like to share the love! But you don't need a beau to show your appreciation. Show your fitness friend or galentine how much he or she is appreciated with one of these fun gifts for the healthy minded. Spread the love!

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Roll it out! Foam rollers are perfect for anyone who is active and needs to relieve some stress - which, let's face it, it about everyone you know. Essentially a form of myofascial release for your muscles, foam rolling increases circulation, improves muscles flexibility and helps with recovery from a hard workout - among many other things! The firm, gridded rollers provide the most resistance for getting deeper into those muscles. Gift this baby to your baby and watch their stress melt away!

Art of the Pantry.jpgArt of the Pantry Cookbook

We all know that cooking at home helps you save money and calories, and gives you power and control over what you are putting in your body. However, the question arises: what to make with what you have, without having to go to the farmers market every day? Enter Claire Thompson's The Art of the Pantry, a cookbook for the regular folk to organize their pantry and make awesome, healthy meals with what is already there! Shop smart, eat smart, stay organized - this is the perfect gift for your type A fitness friend.

Packable Duffel.pngPackable Duffel

For the workout friend on the move, a packable duffel is a great addition to their busy lives! Easy to stash at the office and use as needed, it folds nicely into itself for no hassle travel. For gym trips to weekend getaways, this gift is versatile and very, very useful!


Herb Garden Starter Kit.jpgHerb Garden Starter Kit

Not just for the green thumb minded, windowsill herb gardens are a great way to bring some simple easy freshness to your kitchen and your meals. Brighten up your valentine's breakfast with some fresh chopped chives, or add some zip to a dip with fresh cut cilantro. These kits are so beautiful and practical, your beau will blush.

rainbow_in_my_room_1.jpgDesktop Rainbow

Particularly this time of year, we all need a little something to brighten our day and ward off the sometimes oppressive winter gloom. Happily, there is no better solution than gifting your valentine or galentine their very own desktop rainbow with Uncle Milton's Rainbow in My Room! We argue that this is not just a child's toy, but a fundamental right to all people, everywhere.  Just turn it on and try not to smile, we dare you. So splash a little color on your valentine's wall and watch them light up. You will too.

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