Top 3 Group Fitness Classes that help with Weight Loss

Not all group fitness classes are created equal. The truth is any exercise is better than no exercise, but if your goal is to lose weight you want to choose a class that has a balance of maximizing calorie burn while also incorporating some strength training to build muscle. The combination of cardio and strength training is key to building lean muscle that will continue to burn calories well after your workout has ended. Below are our three of our favorite group fitness classes that help with weight loss, and are also totally fun to boot!

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Yoga SculptYoga sculpt crop.jpg

For those who love the flow of yoga, but are looking for a little something more to kick their butt, look no further. Yoga Sculpt classes incorporate the cardio flow of Vinyasa Yoga, paired with light handweights and intense, small strength movements to build lean muscle and burn calories. You will be surprised how much you sweat, and when it's all over you still get the joy of Savasana to complete the class.

Burnburn class.jpg

Definitely not your ordinary spin class, but packing an equal amount of calorie burning punch. Burn classes use interval training on a spin bike, combined with circuits of TRX, strength training, treadmill running and more. "Interval training is more effective in a shorter period of time than a longer duration of steady state training," says CAC Group Fitness Director Sarah Ruhl. That means you're not only feeling the burn, but getting maximum weight loss benefits at the same time.

Tread & Shredtread & Shred-1.jpg

As most trainers will tell you, running is one of the top cardio exercises to help you lose weight. But marathon training isn't necessary, and in fact using short bursts of high intensity training on the treadmill mixed with plyometrics, weight training and body weight strength exercises is even more effective if your goal is shedding pounds, which is exactly what this class gives you. Even better, the class has a 45 minute version that will get you pumping and then out the door. No need to be a runner - the class offers modifications for all levels.

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