Wedding Slim Down: Release the pressure and just enjoy

Measuring woman's waistIn a few short days I get to say ‘I do’ to a very handsome man that makes me feel like a million bucks even when I don’t want to. When the question was popped and the details of day and location were set, I started to panic about that all-so-important item of clothing.

I didn’t want to let the pressure of having Michael Obama arms and Kayla Itsine abs for the nuptials dull the effervescent glow that was beaming from my heart, but hormones and bridal mags won.

I cared. I cared, a lot. Hidden in jokes about fries and pizza consumption was a serious concern that I would look like I had been stuffed into my dress. The overwhelming ‘fear’ started to quiet the excitement that I felt about getting married. When fretting about how to shed some lbs, I realized how much I hated how I was allowing those feelings to overshadow my joy.

So, in an attempt to realign my priorities I went to a yoga class at Bucktown Athletic Club.

The group was small, the room dripped in sunlight, and the energy welcoming. At the very beginning of the class the instructor asked us to set our intention. With a mind clouded with guest lists, catering queries, and general life emotions it took me a moment to quiet it all down.

I politely asked my brain to “shut up” and made a conscientious effort to let my heart tell my mind what it really needed. A delightfully classic mantra made its way into focus: “Be here now.” So incredibly simple.

From sun salutation to savasana I challenged myself to be in the moment and enjoy the time and movement I was providing my body. The outcome was a reinvigorated feeling that I didn’t need to waste time over thinking goal weight, calorie counts, and how the heck I would successfully walk past the candy bowl at work every day for four-plus months.

I decided to take charge of my fears by reminding myself that slip ups happen. An evening of one too many slices of pizza would not magically morph my body into a permanent puffy state. I also reminded myself that my desire to stay healthy should extend well past the wedding date; I started to look at the wedding dress as a starting point not an end goal.

With a more holistic, less restrictive approach in mind I connected with a personal trainer at CAC, enlisted by fiance as a workout buddy and started to eat mindfully, allowing myself to live in the moment, unrestricted by rules of wedding-worry road.

When I started to focus less on getting to a self-imposed end goal by wedding day I actually started feeling better - mind and body.

Whether you’re preparing for nuptials, hitting a workout roadblock, or feeling like your mind is too clouded in stressful deadlines remember to take a pause and enjoy the moment you’re sitting in.


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Molly McCormackMolly McCormack Moody is a freelance copywriter who enjoys lending her talents to up-and-coming artists, galleries, start-ups, and fitness institutions.




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