Which Style of Yoga is Best For Me?

Some of you are already avid yogis.  You've experienced the benefits, enjoyed the transformation and are into the journey. 

For those of you looking to finally take the yogi plunge, you may be astonished to see how many yoga classes we offer once you open the CAC group fit schedule. Which one will you take? To assist you in the decision-making process we’ve compiled a list of six of our most popular yoga classes.

A Gentle Approach:

Hatha: Hatha Yoga brings together a variety of asanas, postures or physical exercises, to help practitioners align their bodies. Along with helping to keep you aligned, this type of yoga is great for opening up the main channels of the body - especially the spine. This 60-minute class could help to ease the aches that accompany long days of sitting at a desk.

Prenatal: Moms-to-be should treat themselves to 60 minutes of gentle stretching. Central to all yoga, the breathing element during Prenatal Yoga can help prepare you for labor. Pre/Postnatal Yoga classes are all access to expecting and recent moms. If you’re wary of stepping into a class, check out this article from the Mayo Clinic on the benefits of the practice.

In the Athletic Zone:

Vinyasa or Vinyasa Flow:

Heat up your body with seamless motions - Vinyasa Flow rhythmically melds movement with breath. Offered in 60 and 75 minute increments, Flow aids in building stamina and strength. A great option if you like to keep a quicker pace in your workouts.

Yoga Sculpt:

This 60-minute class ups the built-in strength components of a Vinyasa class and adds in light weights. An excellent choice if you feel that you don’t get enough of a “workout” in during a typical yoga class.

Keep it Hip:

Aerial: A Cirque Du Soleil dream with you as the star. A challenging, but incredibly fun approach, Aerial Yoga combines pilates, dance, and yoga for a 60-minute mind and body workout. Aerial is currently offered at CAC’s newest location, Webster Place Athletic Club. Why not make plans with a friend for an Aerial & Brunch afternoon? Check out the schedule and don’t forget to sign up in advance.

Hot: Some like it hot, hot, hot. Not quite Bikram hot, CAC’s Hot Yoga format allow you to get deeper into your poses and detoxify your body simultaneously, juice cleanse optional. At 75 minutes long, keeping hydrated before and after the class is key. Lighter material clothing can also help, too.

The six practices listed above only scratch the surface of the styles and techniques available to you as a member of the Chicago Athletic Clubs. If you’re still feeling nervous, don’t be shy! Talk to the instructor. Even if you’ve taken a yoga class before, it’s great to introduce yourself to your teacher. Share with them if you’re new or have any physical limitations so they can guide you through the class with adjustments. Still feeling hesitant because you don’t have a yoga-mat? Hang your worries at the door - CAC has mats-a-plenty and they’re free to use!

We want to hear what you love most about yoga, whether you started yesterday or 30 years ago. Share your favorite pose, success story, or how you stay dedicated to your practice on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


Molly McCormackMolly McCormack Moody is a freelance copywriter who enjoys lending her talents to up-and-coming artists, galleries, start-ups, and fitness institutions.