Workout of the Week: Heart-Healthy Workout | Chicago Athletic Clubs




The Basics:

Exercise in general will strengthen your heart, but these are some fun ways to boost the heart rate and also strengthen your muscles. 

Perform 30 seconds of each exercise as a circuit, with 15-30 seconds rest in between each exercise, 3-5 times through. 

 Kettlebell Swing Heart Healthy workout.png


The swing is a hip hinge and power movement, so you want to start by hinging from the hips and hiking the bell behind you before thrusting your hips forward to allow the bell to float around chest height. 

Squat thruster Heart Healthy workout.png


Grab 2 dumbbells and start by holding them at your shoulders. Squat low then drive the floor away from you as you stand and explode the dumbbells to the sky. Your arms should fully straighten at the top before continuing to the next rep. 

Pro-tip-- Add some speed to the exercise for more challenge as you get more comfortable, as long as you're still hitting full range. 

Rope slam Heart Healthy workout.png 


Grab a rope, anchor it to something, and start slamming. In this variation, do fast and small alternating rope waves while doing an alternating backwards stepping lunge. There are so many ways to use the rope, so try to get creative and have fun with it! 

Push up Heart Healthy workout.png


Bodyweight strength is so important, and will definitely help strengthen your heart. Start with hands shoulder width apart, or slightly wider. Squeeze your glutes and hold a strong plank first, then keep that strong plank as you slowly lower yourself towards the floor. Chest should get to elbow height before you aggressively push the floor away to come back to the top. 

Pro-tip: Never sacrifice form to get more reps in. An option is to raise your upper body onto a bench, or even go against a wall. And always try to practice your push-ups off of your knees. 

ASHLEIGH BRODHEAD is a trainer at Lincoln Park

She is also a CAC group fit instructor. You can follow her on Instagram @ashleigh1386

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