Online Training: Fitness for the Busy Lifestyle

You can’t deny it: you always feel better when you exercise. Aside from the scientifically proven facts of how important it is for your health and how it puts you in a positive mood, it also gives you a sense of accomplishment that can really do wonders for keeping your sometimes-hectic world right-side-up. However, there are always days – possibly multiple days in a row – where it seems simply impossible to get to the gym. Life has an uncanny ability to get in the way, whether it’s shuttling your kids to after school activities, putting the finishing touches on your massively important presentation, or special social engagements that you don’t want to miss. So, what do you do? You want to stay healthy, you don’t want to lose your workout momentum, but how do you fit everything into your day?

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Well the answer in our technologically savvy world is pretty simple: Online Training. Whether you use it to supplement your regular gym time or as a workout resource when you are on the go, this easily accessible solution may be just what you need to keep your health and fitness on track. Chicago Athletic Clubs’ Online Training Program of the Month is a perfect example as to how this versatile approach to working out can be an excellent addition to your regular routine, so read on to learn more about what you may be missing.

What are the benefits of online training?

  • Flexibility: One of the primary benefits of online training is that you can do it anywhere. At home, in your hotel room, at your in-laws over the holidays…these workouts are with you wherever you go. The Online Training Program of the Month uses the convenience of an app to access your monthly workout routines, which means that if you have your phone on you (and let’s face it, when don’t you have your phone on you?) then you can do a workout!
  • Versatility: The key to online fitness programs is their ability to move with you, which means utilizing tried and true body weight exercises and routines that require little equipment. There’s no need to invest in expensive weights or machines to have in your home, just a few light dumbbells and good form is plenty for a truly challenging workout! You’re not even tied to “traditional” equipment. Does the routine call for a 8-lb weight? Just grab that gallon of water you are planning on drinking throughout the day and get sweaty! Whatever is handy can be part of your workout, so feel free to be creative (but safe!).
  • Variety: It’s easy for anyone to get stuck in their regular routine at the gym, using the same machines, taking the same classes, zoning out on the elliptical. Your body is amazing and it adapts to the exercises you do, meaning that the same routine becomes less effective over time. To prevent this body boredom (and exercise inefficiency), you have to mix it up. CAC’s Online Training Program of the Month offers you a new workout every month to keep your body challenged and your muscles engaged. Each exercise has videos and descriptions to help you understand the movement and execute perfect form, which means as you learn each move you can build new routines on your own as well!

Is online training right for me?

CAC Online Training working outOnline is the way of the future, and that includes online fitness. Activating a training program online is an easy and effective way to ensure that you can stay healthy in your busy lifestyle, and routines can be modified for any fitness level. Training online also doesn’t necessarily mean you are training alone. With the Online Training Program of the Month for example, you have access to the CAC trainer who designed the program so you can ask questions about the exercises and routines. Plus discussion boards and forums supplement your in-person workout buddies with an online community to engage and motivate you.

Of course, making the commitment is still up to you. Whether it’s setting your alarm to go to the gym in the morning or to open the app and log in, the first step is getting started and the second step is staying consistent. This is where online training can benefit everyone. It removes excuses and makes it easier and more convenient for you to STAY consistent. Plus, with your workout routine and individual exercises planned out for you, there’s no need to think about what to do - it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket! Make the most out of your time by eliminating the stress of putting together a routine and just diving right in.

Getting Started with Chicago Athletics Clubs Online Training

Ultimately, you are the best judge of how to incorporate online training into your fitness lifestyle. However, one thing is certain: whether as an occasional life-save on busy days or as the main form of staying fit, online fitness training can benefit everyone. Try it for yourself to see if it works with your style of fitness. Here you can find:

  • A 4-week extensive online program designed by an expert trainer each month.
  • Direct access to the trainer who designed to program for answers to questions you may have
  • Full access to the CAC Trains App, which lets you access your workouts from anywhere
  • A full discussion board available to stay in touch with other CAC program members
  • Workout variation strategically designed to challenge your body week after week
  • Videos and descriptions to help you understand the workout presented

This service is available for just $39 each month. Contact the experts at your local Chicago Athletic Clubs gym location with any questions you may have or sign up here online