Holiday Calorie Tracker: How many lunges have you earned today?

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We all let loose a little for the Holidays, but with a bit of focus and determination those extra treats can easily be kept in check. Below are some classic holiday indulgences and the equivalent exercises you* can do to wipe the calorie slate clean.

(*Exercise suggestions for calories burned are estimated based on a 150 lb person, actual calories burned will vary based on you!)

  1. 8oz. Cup of Eggnog
    199 calories = 20 minutes of Jumping Jacks (non-stop)
    Sure, jumping jacks seem simple, but endurance jacks are a great way to burn calories ANYWHERE, and definitely get your heart rate up!
  2. 4oz. Turkey Leg Meat
    356 calories = 30 minutes on the Stairclimber
    And you don't have to go that fast! A steady paced climb can get you to your calorie goal in 30 minutes. However, if you are looking for an extra challenge, choose an interval program that will include short burst of faster paced climbing segments. This is a great anaerobic exercise option and is a great way to burn fat and not just calories.
  3. Frosted Sugar Cookies (2)
    340 calories = 1020 lunges (39 minutes)
    Christmas cookies are a holiday staple, and so abundant that they are impossible to avoid! With only 1,020 lunges (thats 510 per leg), you can make the calories from 2 of those delicious frosted cookies disappear. If you can keep a pace of about 26 lunges per minute, that would take you roughly 39 minutes of lunging.
  4. Peppermint Candy Cane
    50 calories = 5 minutes of Burpees
    A full body workout and calorie blasting exercise all rolled into one! Sure, maybe not the easiest sell, but certainly effective, and it takes just five minutes of burpees to erase that tasty peppermint treat!
  5. Figgy Pudding
    273 calories = 570 squats (19 minutes)
    Alright, maybe we don't see a lot of Figgy Pudding specifically any more, but similar bread puddings and fruit cakes are all around us during the holidays! One serving of figgy pudding will earn you 570 body weight squats. If you can do about 30 squats per minute, that will take you just shy of 20 minutes of squatting.
  6. Beef Wellington
    753 calories = 75 minute spin class
    This savory calorie packed classic can be worked off with roughly one 75 minute spin class. Of course, that depends on how many turns you do or don't put on that hill, but pushing yourself in a spin class is a great and motivating way to burn calories.
  7. Cinnabon
    880 calories = 80 minutes of jogging (10 minute miles)
    Yes, we know, Cinnabon is not just for the holidays! But always a good reminder that their gooey deliciousness does pack quite a calorie wallop. One classic Cinnabon earns you 8 miles of jogging at a 10 minute mile pace.
  8. Pumpkin Pie Slice
    323 calories = 44 minutes of cycling
    Pumpkin pie is a comfort food classic, and most everyone will have a slice or two in the next coming months. So, with each slice you eat, about 44 minutes of riding a bike will eliminate the calories consumed.
  9. Honey Baked Ham (3oz)
    125 Calories = 33 minutes of walking
    As far as holiday treats go, the holiday ham is one of the lessor calorie splurges. An after dinner stroll for around a half an hour will use up those calories easily.
  10. Starbucks Peppermint Mocha (16oz)
    440 calories = 45 minutes of swimming
    A big seasonal indulgence for so many of us, those specialty lattes and coffee drinks are delicious, but definitely come with a calorie load. Your grande Starbucks peppermint mocha earns you 45 minutes in the pool, and what's wrong with that? Nothing!

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