We know that you have been wanting to book classes online for a long time now. Well, you are getting your wish! Download our new app and you will be able to book all classes and pool lanes 24 hours in advance.

New App class journeyTo book classes or pool lanes on the new app:

First make sure you have the most current app! The new app has a grey box around it in your app store.
Next, when you sign in, make sure you use the email address that we have on file for you.
Once you are in the app:

  • Go to CLUB on the bottom menu
  • Click on Group Fitness (for classes) OR Aquatics (for pool lanes)
  • Click on Calendar
  • Click on the class you want to book
  • Click BOOK SPOT

It's basically as easy as that! Granted... there are a few more things that you need to know.

  • Classes and pool lanes are available to BOOK 24 hours before the class
  • The calendar can take a minute to load if you are switching between clubs
  • When you get a pop up box for anything in the app, HIDE or OK allow you to exit that pop up. We are working on the color of the font--it's so light it's hard to see! Seriously, spend some time on the app to see other spots that allow you to "HIDE" or "OK" so you get used to it. (we're working to fix this)
  • You can search classes by Instructor or Name of Class
  • To switch between clubs, click on the CLUB on the bottom menu then use the arrow drop down button on the top of the page.

Check in  (1)

Once you book a class it will show up under your barcode so that the desk can see your bookings when you check in!

If you can't access the app, or simply like to keep your flip phone to remind you of simpler times, no worries, you will be able to book classes on the iPads at the desk.

If the class you want to book is full--USE THE WAITLIST!

The waitlist is great!

With online class sign ups we anticipate that people will have a change in plans much more than if they had signed up an hour before in the club. 

If you are on the waitlist you will get a notification in the app if you've been moved from the waitlist into class. You will also get an email!


Here is what it looks like to be on the waitlist.

The notifications can be found by clicking on the little bell on the top right header menu. The waitlist will only work if you remember to cancel a class you cannot attend. Let's look after each other and cancel your spot if you find your plans change.

Canceling a class is easy:

  • Go back to the Group Fitness (or Aquatics) page
  • Click back on Calendar
  • Click on the class you booked
  • Swipe your name to the left
  • Click on the trash can icon to cancel you from the class.
  • You will get a notification asking if you want to cancel booking.
  • Click on "YES"-- remember it will be tiny, in a font color that is hard to read on the bottom of the message. (again, we're working on this)

New App cancel journey

As you can see, booking classes in the app is easy.

This is still new to us and we are still working on it. This app can do a lot of things and we will be rolling out new fun features as we go. 

Right now you can't pick a bike, but that is one of the features we are working on! There are many more surprises like that to come.

We're excited to start using this new app and for the fun features we roll out with it!


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