A Man's Guide to Yoga: Embrace Your Inner Beginner

Real men do yoga. For men or women, embracing your inner beginner is key. Here are some tips to get you started:

It's not what you think

Yoga meets you where you're at; you don't have to be flexible or strong to start. Yoga is actually a complex system of poses designed to increase flexibility and mental and physical energy.

You’re Going to Suck At It

Men do have a different pelvic structure than women and are generally less flexible. Only certain poses will be more challenging and it gets easier with practice.

Your Ego Will Get Hammered

Yes, you will see some women do poses with seemingly without effort. Yoga is not competitive, so don't look around the room. Simply focus on yourself and improve your mental concentration.

Embrace Your Inner Beginner

Drop the ego and the scorecard and just accept your newbie status. And that means sticking to beginner classes where detailed instructions are provided.

Forget About “No Pain, No Gain”

This mantra may work for some sports, but it is dangerous on your yoga mat. Yoga is a highly evolved system to slowly open the body as well as the mind.

Strive for “Sweet Discomfort.”

Only work to YOUR personal edge: the point where is feels a bit uncomfortable, yet still feels good. Be mindful of your movement and measure it by how you FEEL, not how far you go into the pose.

Commit Yourself

At this point you may ask yourself, "why do this?" The answer: because you will love it! Many guys love the buzz they feel after class. Give yoga a chance:do it twice a week for a month and see how you feel.

You Need Yoga

Most of what you do daily (sitting at a desk, channel surfing, even running and cycling) shortens and tightens your muscles. Regular yoga practice lengthens and loosens muscles in addition to reducing stress and improving mental focus.

Check out CAC intro classes

This month we are offering special intro classes for you to explore and ask questions about the many group fitness classes we offer. Check our schedule for dates and times.

Ken Cox yogaKen Cox
CAC Yoga Instructor